± Changelog of this website

This is my now page. I post a high-level overview of my every day. Eventually, I will move this to Mastoron. Maybe. So far it serves its purpose.

I am doing my best to document my journey from 0 to 1. Most of the stuff below is written late at night, after the day was done and I was spent, on my last legs.

Please mind the sad quality. Thank you.

Pressing todo

Kinda sorta important things. I need to set an actual Deadline for this (#death).

  • Favicon… can’t believe of all things this is not easier natively in WP in 2024. Am I just blind? Help, please!
  • Privacy policy & GDPR; compliance with laws… maybe I should get a lawyer.
  • The frontpage, literally the main page is the worst page on this website. I need to make it look way more impressive and give visitors tons of options where to go while also being funny, instantly impressive, and fitting 100 links on there. Not easy.
  • I should think about a system to keep track of assets I’m using (and will be using) on this web. This needs to be done sooner than .
  • Some form of further design, but that is not a priority.
  • Meta titles, Meta descriptions… well not really.
  • Get Mastodon, later maybe also:
  • Facebook… eh, ok, but not happily. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are useless as distribution networks for now, as I am not a visual artist and my intended audience is on HN.
  • Twitter? Only if I get Don Glover’s previous username, @donglover username. He is no longer using it, so why not, Donald? Please?
  • Or I just register something else.
  • Have to find a better way to maintain a changelog. I would like to automate much of what I am writing here if that is even possible. Currently, I am using ActivityWatch to at least collect all raw data in the background.
  • Better backups than server snapshots, I plan to break this website a lot.
  • RSS for categories? Also… categories, lol?
  • Newsletter? I hate them and I do not want to do this.
    Either a plugin or standalone solution, like Sendy.com
  • Better breadcrumb navigation?
  • Pages that need serious work:

Activity Log

The sporadic notes that document the work done on this website.

2024/02/28 Agent Orange
  • Redid homepage again, getting closer to my vision
  • Did some work on the branding of don.gl/e 🌎 and tvor.im 🇸🇰
  • Orange was always one of my fav colors, I will use it for accents
  • Body of don.gl/e will remain white for, black with some 🥭
  • Body of tvor.im will be black, white text and 🍊 accents
2024/02/27 Productive day
  • My first fail of the year was my Czech blog about a guy trapped working in corporate Prague tudu.cz — ok-ish idea but I simply do not have time, don.gl/e and tvor.im are in English and Slovak and I simply do not have time to write good, human content without AI crap all over it in 3 languages. Yet.
  • I repurposed the domain to host Perfex CRM
  • Now tudu.cz will be a client portal that could hopefully take care of our clients in Czechia, Slovakia, Netherlands, Nepal and hopefully some Americas soon.
  • By us or me, I mean team.
2024/02/26 I just want to be a blogger, mom
  • 3 client calls, 1 standup with programmer
  • New SEO client lead, took a bit of time to clean up SEO page
  • I need to get some CRM working, because even though koloseo.cz does not even have a properly functioning website,
    we already have enough clients for the forseable future
  • Being on my own is fun
  • I still live in my mom’s basement, so I’m on my own as much as my cat Sophie… where is the damn cat anyway?
  • A total rework of tvor.im, it is 03:02 time to sleep…
2024/02/25 Village affairs
  • Mental rest day
  • I joined a local volunteer corps that are doing…
    nature stuff? I think?
2024/02/24 Been trying to be an Enterpreneur or something
  • Qat dammit, I forgot to write changelog for a bit…
  • Been busy with koloseo.cz
  • Been busy with tvor.im
  • Been busy with tudu.cz
  • Been busy buying some more domains, I might have a problem.
  • Rewrote Q this whole thing needs to be moved and rewriten,
    it is a sci-fi nonsense of higest grade and I have much better content for that letter
2024/02/19 – 2024/02/25
  • TBA
  • Day job
2024/02/17 Qat
  • Rewrote Q this whole thing needs to be moved and rewriten,
    it is a sci-fi nonsense of higest grade and I have much better content for that letter
  • I should write a page about my cat, Sophie.
2024/02/16 Pit of Despair
  • Renamed don.gl/e to don.gl/ux, better fit, still needs work.
  • Wrote new don.gl/e page from scratch… honestly I need to put more effort into this page, the whole joke of this domain hinges on this page being at least decent.
  • So far it is not decent.
  • One of these days, I will be happy with something and leave it published.
  • Learning AI
  • ChatGPT the most lukewarm experiece
  • Love groq.com, works amazing as a side-panel in Vivaldi
2024/02/14 Valentine feels like another lonely Friday
  • Rewrote Motivation. Honestly, I am pretty sure I made that page way worse, sometimes I enjoy destroying a perfectly good thing
2024/02/13 The Skies Changed, At least it is not Friday
  • Sadly, AI entered this blog.
  • Published another “first” piece.
  • I spent a whole day talking to it about physics and there is no way this is not going to sound pompous, but my new hobby is quantum physics.
  • I was not sure what to blog about and this seems like a great idea, the whole quantum realm is very real and very exciting science!
2024/02/12 Mondays can be good
  • People make an awful lot of assumptions, just as I do.
  • Finally decided to write The Truth.
  • Time to shift gears into neutral.
  • I Rewrote Motivation, again… still .
  • Respect drafted and published as well.
2024/02/11 Why Are Sundays So Depressing
2024/02/10 People thingy
  • I decided I will have a silo page called People… but with a twist.
  • I drafted the page dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi; the browser; and wrote a pretty raw review. Took an hour or so.
  • I wrote Birch please, proud of this one honestly where it is due, sometimes I just write something in one breath and just nail it just like that.
  • Wrote 69, lol.
2024/02/09 Codename
  • I think I met my new mentor, they are simply remarkable and I have them the number on my people thingy.
2024/02/07 Amost a Rest Day
  • I was mentally drained today + my day job was exceptionally busy today.
  • When I arrived from work I just had dinner and collapsed into a bed around 20:00, slept until exactly 5:39 and suddenly it was tomorrow
2024/02/06 I don’t wanna lose your love toniiight
  • Still a bit tipity-tipsy from yesterday… when I was setting up my neighbor’s computer he cracked open a photo album and bottle of Tullamore so we reminisced about life.
  • My neighbour borrowed me yet another book, uhggg I should start reading them — my ambition to be a reader is far bigger than my actual reading appetite.
  • I still haven’t done the invoicing because I am a piece of trash human being who deserves not to get paid because he is lazy af.
2024/02/05 Codename Riders On The Storm
  • dip swish now 🎧🎶🎵
    bring it back just like this like a dog without his bone
  • Invoice day, I loathe these… let me do them tomorrow.
  • Bought 2 new domains… I have a problem:
    • tvor.im for my Slovak “portfolio” type of website
    • xxxxx.com this one is a secret, sorry.
  • Fixed my neighbor’s computer, it took a better part of the day but I live in a community and I will be damned if I ever won’t to fit in like a bad piece of puzzle
2024/02/03 Codename Burnout
  • Tired, drank half a bottle of champagne and fell asleep.
  • Listen to your body folks, I sure as hell know a thing or two about overworking myself.
  • Yesterday I went over the line… that is the price of being obsessive.
2024/02/03 Codename Nightshift
  • Rest day. I decided this side project was not enough.
  • Activated DNSSEC for TLD don.gl — not much more to say.
  • Don.gl/e will also be available in the Czech language.
  • That is right, I decided to have this blog in 2 languages.
  • The Czech one will have a little twist, as the blog will be written from the perspective of like; totally made-up; twenty-something year old trying to figure out the purpose of his life. He is an ordinary young ambitious feller, who has a big:
  • Another side project I’m starting is cudl.cz. This website will serve as a proposed redesign to fairly awful ebiz-support.cz. I will talk about this side hustle later. I fixed computers during my uni years and my love of fixing them is still in me. Cudl.cz by itself will be a significant side project.
  • I finally forced myself to make at least scaffolding content on koloseo.cz – took me 20 minutes to build the current iteration using the amazing Frost theme.
  • All of these side projects are going to detract me from don.gl/e but that is fine.
  • I set my goals with don.gl/e too high. Time to be pensive and shelf don.gl/e just for a smidge. The main focus now will be client work, tudu.cz and cudl.cz.
  • Don.gl/e against comes last.
    What can you do, it is the economy. 🤷
  • Tidied up my KeePassXC database… finally.
  • I should take a look at babysitter.dev that I promised Sparkle to turn into a moneymaker.
  • Today I had a call with Pip. We finally deployed a working prototype of eko4listek.cz into staging — WordPress website for a Czech non-profit focused on protecting trees, nature, and education of the younglings — this is a ❤️ project for me.
  • Slightly updated don.gl/tools.
    I should really think about the silo structure of reviews I will eventually write about the software I use. Should the path be:
    • don.gl/apps/nameofsoftware.com
    • don.gl/tools/nameofsoftware.com
      don.gl/software/name of software; or even:
    • don.gl/stuff/nameofsoftware
    • This is I need to do some SEO research here.
    • Huh, this is how I should always highlight in the body of the text.
  • This was one productive day; if I say so myself.
2024/02/02 Codename Restday
  • Today I did nothing on don.gl/e
  • This was a pensive day, I had a long and hard look at the state of the don.gl/e and the goals I want to achieve this year.
  • I still have laser-focused goals and vision for don.gl/e but it is time for some fun side-side-projects.
  • I was going over the unused and wanted TLD domains I have on a list… waiting for the right time to turn them into side projects. From the 12 domains on a shortlist, I am going to buy these:
    • cudl.cz
    • tudu.cz
  • Went to a sauna for a mental rest & reset needed before I went adulting hard and finally sorted out my unpaid insurance bills.
  • Bought a couple of books, 2 for me, 2 as a gift to Alyx.
  • Touched up don.gl/addict.
  • Wrote don.gl/alyx and don.gl/redacted.
  • Wrote don.gl/bait that should explain to Cybr and others why I am making pages about them. Cybr, in the future I will outrank your own website for “Sybre Waaijer”. Sorry.
  • Busy irl, my freelance jobs are demanding my attention. Tomorrow I have to focus on WordPress work that actually pays some bills, this month was awfully expensive. I bought a chair!
    I wanted to write my “first month as a blogger recap” but frankly, I can push it to next month, because:
  • I still have 0 readers
  • Today was an opposite lazy day, I want to go over all 300 published pages and remove all the ballast. Update from the future, I only went over ±30. Tomorrow is also a day.
  • Trashed a lot of writing; emptied said trash a little.
  • (Re)written pages:
  • I hate newsletters with passion — both receiving and sending.
  • Today I had to pick a newsletter/CRM plugin
  • I always try to pick simple plugins that do one thing well…
  • Of course I ended up with a whole trio:
  • I am not stoked with my choice. Fluent has a ton of options and huge potential, it is almost too much. The fact that I needed to install 3 separate plugins rubs me super wrong as well.
2024/01/28 (continuation)
  • I always forget that WordPress does not allow for tags and categories for pages… Let’s change that with:
  • Of course I was already using tags in bodies of pages already and I just noticed WordPress does not like it… probably for good reasons, but I need to FAFA myself. tags everywhere. Title, h1, body ox text, footnote I do not care. I want to break WordPress.
  • Oh, it is already tomorrow 05:09 huh.
  • I need some more rest…
  • Not ONE tag works properly, just greeeaaat.
  • There is too much to fix.
  • Sleep, bb.
  • Ready blog i=1.
  • Rascal, , paranoia, rap, gut, g, i, and various other combinations of letters and numbers. It’s all just a loop.
  • Rest.
  • Rap.
  • Long day at my day job. I rewrote a thing.
  • Visited my psychiatrist & therapist. Some progress and good vibes all around, pleasant visit this time.
  • Both super disappointing and super good news about eko4listek.cz project. We already have a preview of a website but there are some personal issues I was not expecting. However, nothing that is detrimental to overall success of this project.
  • Scheduled visit to a psychiatrist. After I wrote about the last paradox everyone is extra concerned about my mental wellbeing and it is a good thing — it shows they care about me.
  • As I said, you gotta do it every day. That is how I will become the best blogger or influencer of whatever in the newcomer category is. I already know I am at least a competent writer, it is going to be a blast even if nobody will read my blog. I mean, they will, but still, gotta stay humble.
  • Met with a very good friend T-dog, likely my next business partner. Maybe. He loves nature so much that it is like, totally inspiring.
  • Met another old friend, JJ. Gotta get those 🍻
  • Some private stuff — went to see my dad’s first and final resting place. He is buried just a throw of a stone away from where he was born. I am not of the Christian faith, but I also visited the church and donated a small bill towards the maintenance of the place. It’s a nice place to soak in the weight of life and death; and be pensive.
  • Kick-off meeting for eko4listek.cz. It was an intense hour, but we got enough done for Pib to continue working on his part. Aka. making a WordPress design, UX, and all that jazz.
  • Enjoying the day, knowing what will eventually come.
  • Wrote and finally published my first blog post… it is garbage. I won’t delete it, I will WORK on it and make it better. But I finally made that step, I dared to become a writer.
  • Edit, hi, it is me, future you.
    • Turns out it was garbage.
      • You deleted it on 2024/01/23.
        • Back to the drawing board.
2024/01/17 Brno part
  • This was an extremely tiring day. I woke up hungover under Karlštejn at 4AM. I had to wait for an hour and a half to feel confident to drive. I wanted to buy an office chair and read the rest of the story on my first ever blog post! That I actually published.
  • Omg, I am still awake at 23:29. That first blog post is… my best writing so far.
2024/01/17 Prague part
  • I met with one of my best friends from uni. It was all around amazing day, although there were some moments that made me anxious and I cried about it.
2024/01/17 Zlín part
  • Woke up at 02:00; nerves are at all-time high.
  • I am going to Prague for a couple of days to see my friends.
  • Very little work is planned, the purpose of this trip is to reconnect with my friends.
  • I have worked remotely for years and I am always nervous about travel, especially when I’m driving.
  • Today I wrote nothing on Don/gl.e.
  • I think I finally experienced the fluidity and calmness of mindfulness today. This is how highly productive & happy people feel every day.
  • I had a 2-hour long meeting with a curious client, it went 50/50.
  • I broke the PC at work — I accidentally wiped the wrong partition and I had to reinstall the work computer. The whole day was gone because I tried to restore the partition before just reinstalling Windows right away.
  • Today I wrote wtf. In the SEO game we call cornerstone content.
  • More editing, 80% of pages is still weak.
  • Cybr liked wtf. This is the first time he said something nice about don.gl/e. Winning hearts one by one, it will be lot of work.
  • What have I done to get 300+ pages indexed? Remember, I only published 200 pages. Even if Google lied and both indexed and unindexed pages were in fact; in the index; it still does not add up to 300.
  • I have to monitor the size of the index more rigorously and systematically.
  • 00:15 yesterday I reached 200 published pages, it was time to trim the fat — remove the worst pages. This site is objectively still terrible and there are already hints of first visitors.
  • It is embarrassing 🤦 Good thing nobody cares about this website. At least not yet.
  • The homepage now makes some sense. The time is 1:40. I am really stressed out about my WordCamp Vienna application, if they visit this website it needs to be at least presentable. I got the don.gl/e to the stage of passing for Potemkin village.
  • 02:17 I drew a heart 🖤 on the homepage. I like it!
  • 03:33 Some guy on Reddit thinks I suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect. I guess I am overestimating my SEO abilities, what can I possibly do now? Gotta throw in the towel now 🙁
  • 03:51 Installed and activated Microsoft Clarity. I want to try new SEO tools and experiment on this website. Added to legal.
  • I linked sitemap.xml directly to the main menu… it kinda works.
  • 04:04 time to get some sleep. Tomorrow I need to work on commercial projects, I will probably let dongle marinade.
  • 10:18 Guttenberg could use a button to skip trash and delete the page that is being edited permanently, IMHO.
  • 10:38 deleted the most useless websites that I previously published. There is no need to put pressure on quantity anymore. The next stage begins, trying to rank in SERP for actual keywords. The real SEO work begins today:
    • All (226)
    • Published (161)
    • Drafts (51)
    • Pending (14)
    • Trash (128)
  • I ❤️ CachyOS.org so far. I settled in nicely, but I realized that by default, CachyOS does not have BTRFS. That might be a reason to reinstall the whole distro later. I absolutely do not have time to do this now. I picked what distro I picked, I will stick with it through thick and thin.
  • New lead… A guy from Crete, Grece offered me a week-long stay for free if I’ll help him with his website. The first thing I told him is that he should never offer anything for free and the second thing was that I am fully booked for the upcoming 3 months, mainly because:
  • I formally applied to WordCamp Vienna 🥳 This website will be the object of my presentation if they pick me.
  • I have a packed month ahead of me:
    • Don.gl/e is at best at 30% ready. This needs to be addressed within 2 weeks max, because the WordCamp Vienna guys will want to see what the hell I was talking about in the application.
  • I needed to make some progress on koloseo.cz today. Not redesign, make it from scratch. I made it to picking a theme, Blocksy and learning the basics of it.
  • In the English-speaking world, I just use TSF to prove my credibility. It does not work in Czechia and one huge lead from 2024/01/12 wants to see “my” website.
  • On the flip side, I can finally use my lifetime unlimited Blocksy license.
  • New match on Veggly! Yay!
  • I am considering buying Grammarly. On the other hand… why not just let this blog be in broken English, see how much of BS is that when it comes to SERP and SEO.
  • The year of Linux Desktop is now. I did some distro-hopping and landed on CachyOS — an arch-based distro focused on speed.
  • I made a Revolut account, so I can send money to Pip.
  • 2 new leads… I have so many leads!
  • These are not all new leads… they are the previous clients/prospects that I ghosted because of reasons.
  • I decided I will use KDE Neon as my new Linux distro and stick with it. This backfired. After installation of KDE Neon and immediate update, GRUB breaks. In all available.ISOs. It is insulting they offer this for download fully knowing that this is an issue they have known about for years. I was willing to overcome they are using Ubuntu as a base, but not this.
  • I had to run errands today.
  • I got 2 new leads for my SEO business, one huge and one tiny.
  • 🍀Project eco4listek.cz got into the next phase:
    • We dissected the wireframe of a new website to some developer before I proposed it, it wasn’t that bad
    • I got first photos for the web
    • I got permission to use the Nepal Collection from my good friend and talented photographer, Peter Varga.
  • Time to switch most of the published posts back to draft status.
  • Interestingly enough, all this garbage is good enough food for search engines (Google, Bing… and others).
  • I got scolded by Sybre yesterday and today. Again. He insists I should take more rest, so I will try to do that.
  • He means well, but man… he is blunt sometimes. He bruised my ego today, but I am moving on.
  • 🍀 I went over 1500 websites on awwwards.com for inspiration — I searched for: “green, eco, tree“.
  • Welp, the last time I worked on don.gl/e was 2024/01/02. I am now retroactively trying to fill out the blanks in this changelog for posterity
  • I met a guy from 3rd world country. No homo. Talented, young, and hungry lad. Believe it or not… I became a mentor by mistake overnight.
  • And you know what? It feels nice to be a genuine teacher to someone, it is rewarding as hell. That certain someone takes notes… about stuff I wrote!
  • This guy inadvertently showed me, that a person that does not know the old me could easily mistake me for a smart person.
  • Only if he knew… Let’s give him a pseudonym. And a dedicated page. I will refer to him from now on as Pip — inspired by Fallout’s PipBoy. It was the first game I was sweating and it is one of the reasons I became decent in English. I will write about Fallout one day, but now I have more pressing issues.
  • I didn’t touch my dong.l/e today.
  • I do not even remember what I was doing today.
  • That is why writing a changelog/documentation is important right on the day you made some changes.
  • There is a regular at our gas station. We never talked. Today we talked. Turns out, he is a Dendrologist. needs a new website, http://eko4listek.cz. Now I have a website Pip can make! And it is for good cause! This is going to be awesome.
  • I did a lot of “back office” work for slunickozlin.cz. It is a company that does summer and winter camps for kids. The owner is super nice, but this was a long day and I missed the scheduled sauna day.
  • I met with my old friend, Tony. We went to a Nepal-ian restaurant, it was awesome. He bought a property just up the hill, we made all kinds of plans for summer. He is working on his PhD in Brno, something about satellite mapping and forests.
  • 3 to 5 people I know mentioned they want a new website. I will try to close a deal with at least one of them and give the gig to Pip.
  • 3 things happened today:
    • I went to my shrink.
    • I went to the sauna and got some meters in the pool. Spa day.
    • We tried to figure out with Pip how to transfer money to his country. We didn’t figure it out, for now, it remains open.
  • Pip needs money. I have to find a client and let Pip do the legwork. I will give him 100% of the money this first website is going to make. Later I will take a cut, but always proportional. Pip is my new business partner, kinda.
  • Today I met pip. We hit it off, I spent 3 days intensively coaching the guy. He lives in a 3rd. world country.
  • European money are hefty upgrade for him.
  • Pip wants to learn and he wants to spend the first money we make together on a helmet and new headphones.
  • Such a pure heart, untainted by capitalism.
  • 01:55 I am going to my retail “day job” at 5 AM, but I still spent 20 minutes on TSF support today.
  • Getting a head start is awesome, but I will be drowsy tomorrow and my reply to a potential new user was pretty mid and I paid for it with energy I could have used on something else tomorrow. Live and learn I guess.
  • 23:30, scrambling to keep with my resolution to work out every day… already. I did the fast 7-minute workout. Almost died, I wasn’t able to finish half the exercises. No endurance.
  • I had to set my profile on Facebook to private. Sadly, my newfound positivity found a first enemy. No comment.
  • Had a look at LinkedIn. It became great over the years, I was sleeping on it. Still filled to the brim with folks telling other folks how to be productive, while their own work is just reposting bits from productivity books. On the flip side, some people made LinkedIn their main platform, I suspect at least in part because Twitter went to Xitter.
  • Twitter… I still do not want to be there. Elon is again spouting nonsense and I am not sure I can even use it as a distribution platform. That bad.
  • Somehow, I ran into a talented WordPress front-end jack of all trades from Bulgaria who wanted feedback on his CV. I told him we will go over it in 10 minutes, we ended up talking for 2 hours. By talking, I mean I was smothering him with “I would have done it better” and I could have handled it better. Vasil is a great guy and something is telling me we will end up at least cooperating on some project. Swell, young, energetic and creative dude fluent in Oxygen builder with an eye for catch one-page websites.
  • 0 work on don.gl/e, family time. Sybre and Sparkle were insisting that I take it easy — if 2 of your best friends tell you to stop, you do that.
  • No alcohol or drugs, was with my mom the whole day. We fell asleep before midnight — however, we had a great night reminiscing about dad and life.
  • It was the best NYE I had since Hilton Prague NYE Silvestr Party 2014 – 2015 “Vive la France”. Back then I was still part of jadpro.cz production crew. BTW, I made that website, and my friend Bio cut the video!
  • I ordered a new Phone, replacing my 5-year-old Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T. It is not Fairphone, because it is simply too expensive for me right now. I cant carry the burden of world ecology on my own. Of course, I still feel guilty about it… However I got no presents besides T-shirts and I said fuck it, I deserve a shity shiny thing and be happy for once because of a frivolous purchase.
  • Alza.cz had a great deal on Nothing phone 1. I grabbed orange Nothing wireless headphones, an air purifier, a travel shirt steamer and a lint shaver. I want to attend 1-3 conferences about WordPress and SEO in 2024 and I do not want to buy a new blazer. WordCamp Vienna is still a top priority and I will do anything to be a speaker there — 3 birds with one stone, there is a ton of vegan restaurants and shops in Vienna, and of course, the Vienna Philharmonic.
  • Tried to switch to Linux… again. Tried Fedora, Nobara, Manjaro and Garuda, but my Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro does not work in any of them. I will try MX Linux as well, but I understand this is a Razer issue, not a Linux issue.
  • Exhaustion, my weight dropped to 60kg.
  • I lost 10kg in less than a month, this is dangerous, I need to up my calorie intake significantly & soon.
  • I used Spotify for the first time in my life, specifically looking for Vivaldi songs spiked with drums, and found only one artist, Vadrum. There is way more Vivaldi over at SoundCloud.
  • It is 20:23 and I got over 18 000 steps already. I was at my day job for 12 hours and I didn’t work on don.gl/e today at all.
  • Sybre is adamant I need to rest for couple of days. I disagree.
  • I met him halfway, taking today off, tomorrow I am going to swim, replenish the water, and just go on a shortish car joyride.
  • I got to the point in writing don.gl/e where I am loosing a perspective of my goals. While I write more, faster and getting accurate, the texts are dismissed almost instantly by anyone I show them to. It is not motivating.
  • That is why I made motivation, determination pages.
  • I should add GTD, define open loop, and maybe chat with GPT about 0=1 problem. Duplaja neatly implemented it in WP Chat.
  • Plans are nice, we will see how it goes. Signing off, 20:30.
  • Fixed the footer. You can RESET it in UI, super convenient. Technically, I did this yesterday, but I was working again until 2AM.
  • This was day off.
  • The mental reset is sorely needed. While I can see the website getting 100-300% better in last 2 days, it is still not enough for general public to consume. Timbr hated first, and I suspect for good reasons, so I will work on that, examine why and all that jazz.
  • Today I am cleaning my room.
  • It is 18:00 and I am at maybe 30% done but I have no more motivation to continue. Time to relax, maybe play some games. I cant even imagine Valorant, so probably Gothic or DiRT 4.
  • I am starting to sus the girl does not like, but I remain hopeful
  • Wrote a lot about war today, it is hard to avoid.
  • It is making me a little paranoid taking such a risk, but honestly, nobody reads this and I only shared don.gl/e with few people I trust will tell me what I should work on next.
  • Wrote don.gl/first, needs work, comes of as too bragy, be more polite, reorder the whole thing.
  • Mostly just writing and editing. Wrote a lot about my perceived illness, motivation, skill, discipline, bit about people.
  • Made navigation a little better, but this is one of the biggest issues, I need to allow people to flow from one page to another way more smoothly.
  • I fell in love somewhen in last 3 days. With a girl too! She is so beautiful, I have butterflies. It is a good feeling.
  • I hope I won’t fuck it up this time, hahahaa *nervously fading*
  • Made it to 200 published total.
  • I completely messed up the footer; I should ask Anders for help.
  • Pretty amazing day, spirits are at all-time high. I danced, I cried a little — because I listened to a lot of music.
  • Also… Xmas I guess?
  • I got 10 white T-shirts as a gift and one swag T-shirt. All I ever wanted, spend some time with mom, it was nice, small and calm.
  • I want to open a ticket for the WordPress Beamount theme bug, but I realized I should prune this website of weird stuff before I post a link somewhere and someone supposedly visits this website for the first time.
  • All (111) | Published (67) | Drafts (44) | Trash (73)
  • Out of 111 pages on the dongle, I trashed 73, moved 44 posts to drafts from published, and kept 67 pages published. Super bad for SEO, but also fun.
  • Bit of writing, maybe 2 hours. Very little to show for it.
  • I should speed up if I want people to read this thing.
  • I realized I need to change my username on this website, it is currently dongl but I want to build the brand around don.gl/e and huge@don.gl/e if space allows it… not a big issue but if I want to SEO the dongle and the dong lover thing, I should unify this.
  • Putting content meat on this skeleton
  • I edited about 20 pages that were already published but had poor, thin, or borderline-crazy content
  • Drafted about 30 more pages
  • I mentioned don.gl/e in plain text on Reddit and got my first real visitors! They did not spend much time here, but it makes sense because the homepage lacks any ergo
  • The fonts are still broken. It is not a big deal (yet) since nobody knows this website exists.
  • Added ActivityPub, the future of social media is federated.
  • Looooong time no see
  • Renewed the domain… after letting don.gl expire. Nobody tried to register it, what a surprise.
  • Generic text/copy editing, mostly deleting bad takes, trimming nonsense
  • Introduced an issue with the Beamount theme, fonts in body stopped loading properly
  • Renewed don.gl
  • bought the domain don.gl, smart.
  • Configured WordPress and picked a theme that suits for just vibing around with content, Beaumont. I figured out the site structure and started on content.
  • Fiddling around with the layout, writing dick jokes, but little in terms of tangible progress, 2 hours.
  • Spend some quality time on meat pages – home, contact, about. On and off, 6 hours.
  • Linked my SEO mastodon, could be a big thing fast or fizzle even faster.
  • In last 20 days I was simply trying to make my home page and hero copy (the main body of text on homepage that should be engaging) better. It still feels lame. I guess it is not the time to second guess my domain choice, is it.
  • What I was working on, when not working on this:
    • Huli.cz couple tries and fails at writing copy
    • Penzionkomtesa.cz I still looking for tech stack, leaning towards using Blocksy or GeneratePress. I should evaluate other builders again, but I feel Elementor is getting the VC WC treatment and squeezing the bottom. I really want to use a block theme on a commercial project, so I can test both the WP default experience and TSF at the same time.
    • IT “business” is slowly growing on the side, but honestly I mainly fix broken windows installations, do some data recovery, teaching people about backups. I live in the village and honestly, this is just a time and money sink, but you have to respect the community and bring some skills to the table. Working makes me insulated and fixing peoples PCs is a good way to make your skills lucrative to barter. Just last month I needed a septic tank full of shit emptied, hauled away and cleaned. You only get a number for the “guy” if you go get a beer with the guys.
    • TSF, mostly plotting 2023, talking about what needs to be done, what new things and extensions we could make. Also, a huge UI/UX redesign in the works (link gh). Contemplating if we need a designer because we clearly do.
    • TSF is constantly something people never see. We do a lot of work in the background, because we know nobody cares. Side effect: we look like we do jack shit.
  • So you know, fucking excuses.
  • I cleaned up my home page, I think I leaned into the dick jokes too much, but it is reaching a state that I would call “ok” to lunch. I silently put the url to my twitter profile and mentioned it on reddit couple of times, aksing random strangers for reactions and so far they are mixed. Have to work on that.
  • Currently, the website is still hidden from search engines, noindex. I would like to formally make it at least indexable by the end of the month, meaning the cleanup of all testing pages and hello worlds.
  • With that I should setup GSC, BWC, GA and maybe Microsoft Clarity. I hate all of this shit, but as the only marketing guy in our company, I have to use these things. Just because I love FOSS it doesn’t mean I have to go out of my way to fight the system.
  • Rewrote the home page again. Made it much shorter, and cut a lot of information that could better work in the future as a full story. Still, plenty of wtf things left on this site… but it is no longer a completely incoherent mess and there is no reason to soft-launch the website, gauge initial feedback, and see if anyone vibes with what I’m trying to do here.
  • Linked my Mastodon profiles to my contacts page. I’m a big fan of federated social media, but it is still technically too complicated of a concept for the regular population = a slim chance of making it.
  • I wanted to have this website “indexed” by now, this is why I set decoy deadlines. I just needed this done before 2023, so let’s do it today.
  • Setup Google and Bing Webmaster tools. Site kit from Google makes it remarkably easy. Bing reeeeeaaly wants you to just use Google account and import everything, including verification from your Google account. This basically makes one of the features in TSF mostly obsolete, since using Google Site kit and chaining accounts is easier and less prone to (user) errors. This whole thing took 3 minutes.
  • Google indexed the newsletter page yesterday. From all pages. Today a letter of recommendation I wrote for my friend in the USA became indexed as well, but honestly not a good course when the homepage is not in the index. The “newsletter” page has some content reassembling the contact page. My wild guess would be that is why it got indexed. Today, the Goals page took place of the newsletter page in the Google index.
  • Bing hasn’t added don.gl to the index whatsoever. I installed Bing’s official IndexNow plugin to see if it helps — as I suspected, it does nothing.
  • I didn’t submit sitemaps on purpose, I will delay it for couple more days to have some data about the WordPress website that doesn’t have sitemaps submitted to both major search engines.
  • Google indexed all 8 pages that have unique content, I am 100% sure it is because of Sitekit. Bing indexed 0 and I do not expect it to change unless I submit a sitemap. I installed their IndexNow plugin which is supposed to send new pages/posts to their index automatically but doesn’t. I give it a bit more time, but I have to say, I was expecting more speed from something called IndexNow.
  • I think I wrote most of the content, in a sense that now I have a clear structure, I am now sitting at around 50 pages published
  • Took me… well you can see when was the last changelog entry
  • I changed my loop habits(?) and it will take a while to adjust to my newfound flow
  • Maybe this is the last time I took a note in a changelog
  • Just kidding
  • Have to find a better way to maintain a changelog, because I pretty much do not want to do this, as I am lazy
  • Time to get some sleep
  • Have I told you, I dont like ordered lists?
  • There is not much more to share here
  • but I will try
  • if I wake up tomorrow