This page is currently pure mess. Sorry. I will eventually split the contents into some reasonable and digestible pieces.

If anyone ever asks me, where I got the confidence to persistently vomit one mediocre blog post after another one; I will always refer them to:

  1. science
  2. music
  3. books
  4. videos
  5. rest


Motivation is a fleeting sensation. You listen to one of your hype songs, you are pumped. How long does it last? I bought dozens of domains and started as many personal websites.

Not one made it across the finish line.


I can dish out 10 websites in a week as a contractor for clients.
No problem. Sites that will rank well & make money.

The difference between working on a client’s website and making a website for myself is simple — when I work on a commissioned project, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I care about the success of my commercial endeavours and my clients… but not as much as I care about my own website. It has to be perfect.

How many domains you bought for your side-projects or for your personal blog?

How many of them have you finished? Zero? But why? It is your little corner of the web, your blog, your idea that has been in the back of your head for years?

I know I am not alone, admit it 旦

Breaking the habit

One of the hardest things to do, when starting a brand new website, is picking a domain. I enjoy picking and buying domains for “future” projects. I will dissect how I found the perfect domain in length on my D page .

I still need to hype myself up to write. I use a 2-minute YouTube video to remind myself of the single most important thing you need to do when you are trying to become a writer, actor, painter or succeed in any facet of life:

If you have 14 minutes, watch the best drummer on the planet explain how he got there and why he thinks motivation does not exist:

Finding motivation every day

If I want to hype myself up, I listen to hip-hop. Instant boost of confidence — if rappers taught me any lesson, it’s that you do not have to know how to sing to make people listen to you. Now I will explain the videos above:

  1. Ira Glass on Creativity is the best video on this planet. For me.
    I watch it every time my writing gets scolded.
    • During 2023/12 I worked for 14 days straight on this website. I felt like it was good enough, so I posted a link to some smaller subreddit and shared it with a couple of people I know on Discord. It tanked.
    • The feedback was a deafening silence. Some even didn’t click the link. Every successful creative person I met powered through this phase. And I met some crazy talented people. So why should I listen to haters? The secret to success seems to be not giving a fuck.
  2. El Estepario Siberiano is technically the most proficient drummer on the planet. Alive and dead included. This guy doesn’t even have a Spotify account as of today (2024/01/09). What he does have is virtually unlimited determination.
  3. Honourable mention goes to Jason Stoddard. The guy NOT ONLY had the audiocity to call his brand new company Schiit; he also wrote a 1000-pages-long book about it. You can read it for free online.
    • This book could clock only 100 pages if it was only about marketing. I do not particularly care about high-end audio, but it is the most honest book I ever read on selling a line of complicated electronic physical products.
    • The overly sensitive audiophile market and the insanity of sourcing materials, tubes, suppliers or just CNC machining the cases is an insanely complicated and risky venture. If you do not mind audio nerd geeking out, it is an amazing book for anyone who is daring to invent any new physical product.
  4. Music, 3 tracks. My taste in music changes all the time. I love hip-hop. I am a sucker for Vivaldi as well. If you think I am being a pretentious knob by telling you I like classical music… You should know that Vivaldi is basically Taylor Swift of classical music. It’s pop music of the 17th century. I encourage every reader to try to listen to the wonderful of classical music and drums, Vadrum. It goes together like Linkin Park and Jay-Z. Likewise, not everybody is going to enjoy it.

3 tracks

You almost certainly won’t like the music I enjoy. Hell, my taste changes all the time. Still… May I interest you in a couple of copyright-free songs that mix electronic and rap genres?

  1. Failure
  2. I Won’t Stop
  3. New Year, New Me
  4. Fight Back

Oh, you noticed there are 4 songs? It is because I am a rascal. The good thing is you can listen to whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what makes you power through, it can be gangster rap or Taylor Swift.

Use music, videos, and inspiring quotes to get your motor going.
From there it is all you and hard work. Go get em, .



  • The sentence about rappers not knowing how to sing, there is a joke somewhere, I am just too tired to English today.