I’m tone-deaf as far as I can see, but it doesn’t stop me from loving music. I enjoy pop, hip-hop, classical music, EDM, trap, rock, a bit of metal and a whole lot of chill music.

What makes the music great is not the genre but the people who made it. To the surprise of no one, this white boy likes to listen to rap while walking to his 9 to 5 job (s).

I don’t use Spotify. Instead, I like to look up random words on SoundCloud and look for smaller artists, cheer them up in comments, and experience a greater variety of songs.

I bet you will like at least a couple of my favourite songs. Sit back, relax, or stand up and dance.


Greatest of all time, part of the 🐐 series.


These are in the goated territory as well.

Hype songs

Music with a lot of drum beats.

Songs that make me cry

European anthem, mainly because of how inspiring the song is what we have is a bureaucratic nightmare with extremist voices getting louder.

Look no further than Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

This flashmob reminds me to always look for good in people, that unity is possible, and that Europe should lead the world by example, not copy-paste exclusively bad aspects of American culture. It is embarrassing, we had such a head start…


Various genres, various artists.

Hip hop

There is a great deal of truth in hip-hop slash rap. I listen mainly to Slovakian hip-hop, so you probably would not understand the lyrics. Well worth the listen even if you can’t understand a word. That is how most older Europeans experience English music, we have genuinely no idea what words in English songs mean. Slovenský hip hop žije.

English rap?


I put it on the bottom so you don’t judge me too harshly.
I am proud to say I like catchy pop tunes.