Unless stated otherwise, everything on this website is considered intelectual property, especially written original content and personal photos.

I do not allow copying, redistributing or modification of my work. Sadly, I learned harsh lessons in my life and those are that people will steal no matter what this page could possibly say, but more importantly, I would be delighted if you stole all of my dumb ideas and made them mainstream.

The reason why I wont publish this website using any copyleft licence is the state of FOSS. Overworked, underfucked developers, often starved for love and attention.

That is why I want to start a company to solve this problem and bring more money to the FOSS ecosystem. One rascal can dream.

I will write more permissive license , but for now, I know you, people. I am you. Assume any and all content of this website is an iNt4LeCtUaL property of the author yadi yada

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