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This page is a linkbait and #wip.

This website uses Beamount theme for WordPress designed by Anders Norén. It’s the closest you can get to a blank canvas.

I picked this theme because it’s focused on… blogging. The body of the blog is legible while headlines are modern san-serif fonts.

Beamount WordPress theme was obviously made by someone who blogs themselves and loves typography. Just what I needed!

Do you google yourself, Anders?

Let’s see if Anders Norén does. Hello Anders! I love your work. Of course, I have notes about Beamount that you will likely ignore. It is a shame you do not invest a bit more time into Beamount, maybe even a premium version? Maybe?

I would buy it. This theme already does everything I ever wanted from WordPress blogging theme.

Dongle design system

This website is using WordPress and it was designed by Anders Norén, whether I like it or not. Combine that with an increasingly powerful native WordPress editor and you can go from idea to published article in a day.

It was never this easy to become a blogger. Look at me go.
What is hard? Write an interesting first blog post.

Anders, can you please…

  • add dark/light theme switcher?
  • add more patterns (especially some that are not so huge)?
  • add something nifty, some eye candy maybe?
  • add something?
  • do whatever you want, I’m just a random guy

I should write a nice review for the Beamount theme…

Other themes by Anders Norén

Anders makes the best free themes for WordPress. His latest theme Norrsken is absolutely stunning… should I switch? Maybe .

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