This is what we call in SEO a Silo Page. I have well over 10 years of hands-on experience with WordPress — from making bespoke sites to working with themes, blogging, making corporate websites for bi-gg-ish brands and most noteworthy I am part of:

The SEO Framework

We know how to do SEO easily, with the least amount of effort and we are completely different than any other WordPress SEO plugin. Everything you ever need in terms of SEO from the WordPress plugin is in our free version.

The premium version pays our bills, check it out!

WordPress is my bread and butter. Notice how I am using almost 100% of the built-in features? I’m a capable WordPress user. I don’t code, I’m a user.

I can teach you everything you need to know about WordPress SEO and blogging. Those two links… well they lead to another silo page and a blog post about… well blogging.

This is the best WordPress blog on the planet

How do I know that? Because I work on this blog every single day. In a month I wrote more than some WordPress bloggers in their life. Now you might be asking me, where is all that writing? You only published one blog post.

Quality over quantity

The stuff I write is fire, when I blog I drop knowledge not bombs. I decided to do everything all-in-one.

This is a blog. I am writing a blog. I also do SEO. Do you see where I am going with this?

Always use the right tool for the job, like tags

It is crazy we have been making an SEO plugin for WordPress for 6+ years and we are only now starting a blog.

This blog is mainly one huge SEO experiment.
A close second is my own desire to share my life hacks.
Thirdly, this helps me practice writing in English.


Contents of the silo

Since I am not a blogger now, here are some frictions I encountered writing this blog.

  • Emojis in URLs are broken
  • There is no way to somehow “star” a page/post. I can use tags but that isn’t elegant. It will have to do for now. It just isn’t working nicely in the dashboard. I need to mark some articles as “not done” or something.
  • No Instagram embeds?!

Tags, todos: