Look, I do weird shenanigans on this website. I lie. Sometimes even about lying. Why? Because I am a rascal. I’m a rascal who dreamed once of a better world (青ブタ)… the answer is don’t think about it.

I do weird stuff.

Remember, this website is one big SEO Experiment. As a rascal, I am into mischef. I cannot help it, I like to mess with people. But I’m a playful little thing, I mean no harm.

I’m a bit like male-ish Gina Linetti

The character of Gina Linetti encapsulates my personality more than anything else in this world. No notes. Played by the wonderful Chelsea Peretti, the way she plays Gina and what the writers wrote perfectly describes my personality & temperament. I crave the world’s Validation and drink my own kool-aid as much as her character. Perfect.

I wonder if Chelsea played the character, or she was simply Gina all this time. Makes you think, huh.

What are you looking at? Gottcha, g.

I’m not a rapper. Aaaight check me out: “I am a gentle, playful rascalino who means no harmino. Leave me in peace-🦏; I might be a rapscallion but I rap like a 🦁 and my words can’t make you hurt. Read them and weep, like a dankest angle dongle dangle“.

The Chief Executive Rascal

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