No cap

Oh boy. In fact I do do cap a whole lot on this website. Like, you seriously thought I solved The Last Question in The Universe, just like that? And that I just wrote The Proof, like it was nobody’s business?


Of course no, dumbo

This website is a ding dongle dong joke taken way too far. You should always use the head that is on your shoulders. I lead you on this website, I lie… a bunch. But not much. Do you…

Trust me?

Zero trust, do not trust anyone, not even yourself. That is what I do. I am in constant paralyzing stress and neverending feeling in the back of my head, that sweet sweet debilitating paranoia that prevents me from doing great many things.

But allows me to be relentless.
But I also lie a lot.

Mainly to protect my loved ones… and the thing is, you will learn throughout this blog I pretty much vibe with everyone. I am like Cappybarra of humans, I’m just kinda trying to be chill with everyone, non-threatening. Sadly… I’m also a


I’m a loud and proud fan of Gina. I often do things because… not because why; but because why not.


Did you know Squirrels have an amazing memory? Those doofs are in fact one of the top 20 animals when it comes to memory. I truly adore animals… Hopefully one day I will become fully vegan. Currently vegetarian, so you know, both meat-eaters and flash-haters do not exactly consider me part of their tribe, kinda sucks the dongle ngl.

Wrong page

If you are looking for The Truth you are on the wrong page, my friend. This page is dedicated to lies. I wouldn’t say I am an expert in lying… but I majored in Advertising.

Albert all, do you think such a dingus can disprove Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity?

We will see, thou I’m a rascalino.


Oh, you think I am lying? That is a good guess; because this website is a one giant SEO experiment. And you are part of it, whether you like it or not.

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