What is the last thing in our Universe? What was first, the chicken or the egg? There is a Question, The Lie, and this page is dedicated to pure truth, untethered by laws of physics, limited only by human imagination.

I won’t beat around the bush — Einstein was not completely correct. We live in an almost perfect Newtonian Universe and time just… is.

The way we measure time is completely arbitrary. What is a datum? What is today? What time is it now? Time just is. We decided to measure it and we do it quite well and precisely.

I will skip all the Physics lessons here — from the first grade to concepts like General Theory of Relativity and Special Theory of Relativity.

Why on Earth do we need 2 theories?

Well, because Albert was not quite right.

Time is arguably definitively the fourth and the last dimension. Like, for sure. It does not matter if there are any dimensions above fourth, because time is the last dimension humans were able to fully conceptualize.


Do you remember the famous Apple Experiment? The one that gave birth to gravitational mechanics on Earth? Turns out, Issac Newton was right… well almost right.

Power versus Force

One of my closest friends recommended me this book. I haven’t read it, it lies still in the box on the floor. Lately, I do not feel like reading any books, because I know what I’ll find inside each one of them. Do you want to know why?


I’m an average human, but I believe I have extraordinary memory. I experience time the same as you, but because of my weird brain I experience the past, the present and the future at the same time. Sounds like a brag?

Would you like this power? Just keep reading this website — I try to jot down everything I learn. Admittedly, the information on this blog is a bit scattered, just like my mind was for 36 years.

Question on when

When I will be famous? Rich? Whole? The answer is, that it does not matter. Time just is and the choices we make are already predetermined. Anticlimactic and unoriginal. I know.

But that is how I experience time, every day of my life. Just like you, I make choices and I live the illusion of free will.


Being alive is just an expression of the closed energy system we call the observable universe. The universe one day… just started. We think it was The Bing Bang and we have clues as to what likely happened.

But we have no idea why, or when.

Chance does not exist

In science, we call chance The Entropy. Imagine the chaos, your tangled shoelaces. Write a long number on a piece of paper, never tell it to anyone and burn that paper.

Do you think that information is forever lost? That it lost meaning? Or it was just transformed into ash that you can later use to fertilize the soil, grow a new tree and a pencil and write it again? Did the tree fell in the forest?

It is all a circle; a circle of life.


Everything you and I do is connected. Well, not directly. What I meant is that every action necessitates an exactly equal reaction. Remember, we live in a nearly perfect Newtonian Universe.

Imagine a pendulum, a ball on a string. If you swing it, it will try its best to swing back with the exactly the same force, but it can’t. There is the drag of air, the gravity and some other funny forces. No matter how hard or under what angle you swing it, it will always slow down and stop.

Everything greedy, sleazy and negative you do will eventually spark an exactly opposite reaction. Everything. Even that time you smoked a cig behind your Grandma’s barn.

It might not happen instantly, but that cig will eventually cause cancer. Your Grandma will find out if you do it often enough because you will smell and likely caugh(t). You will get yellow fingers and teeth and you get winded walking up 3 flights of stairs.

The Impossible

I have a herculean task in front of me. I need to convince everyone that Einstein was not quite right. The sad reality is that we will all be one day forgotten, no information will be stored and the last two remaining atomic clocks on opposite edges of the universe trying to prove my theory will stop ticking.

When we stop measuring time, only then it will stop. That is it. The only reason we believe time started and not just “is” was because we tried to measure it.

The outcome

Whooops… you just changed by measuring it. The insane property of the fabric of reality is that is changes instantly when you try to measure it.

That is why we have people going insane over The Double Slit Experiment. For me, it is the easiest experiment to understand on the planet Earth:

  • You shine some light, the light goes somewhere and since it was always predetermined where it will land, the only way you can conceivably change where it will land is by trying to measure it.

And that was the bullet point that separates humanity from peace and prosperity for the rest of our natural lives.

The End

When the last human and cell dies, the last star stops burning and the last energy is spent, the time will stop, forever.

But one day, nobody can tell when or why, it will start again, and it will be the same story all over again. Who knows, in the next Universe I might have bigger feet.

Can anyone predict the future? Well, technically yes.