Argue with me!

You wanna go?
You really wanna do this now?
Let’s go outside!
I love to be mentally challenged, but let us keep it friendly.
Argue in lowercase.

The theory of Argumentation was the single most important thing the higher education gave me. As these things usually go, I had an amazing teacher who ignited my love for the subject in me.


Imagine math with words. That is logic.
If it sounds boring to you, I promise it is not.

If you master the Theory of Argumentation, you will become the most dangerous person on Earth — a good liar.

Sounds like you? If you are alive today, walking amongst men. Please, do good.

Help me?

I would appreciate your help, dear reader! I need to brush up on applying logic, avoiding fallacies, new fallacies I am sure were invented, practical tips on logic in everyday life, that sort of thing.

If you are a logic-head and know some great materials, books, or blogs, please let me know what I should read next!

I would love to write about the topic more, but I know I need to learn more myself before spouting nonsense on the Internet.

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