You are on this page because elsewhere on don.gl/e I wrote this nono word. To answer your question:

What gives your the right to write retard?

To put it in the simplest terms, I use the word retard because my psychiatrist can write me a paper I am one. Or at least she can testify to you I was clinically crazy for some time.

I’m doing better now, thanks. I am currently taking drugs for this… you might ask yourself what is this this? This is


Doctors do not know what is wrong with me. I have trouble with focus my whole life. Just like half of my generation; nobody really batted an eye about this.

I strongly suspect I have Hyperthymesia. Do you know why? Not because I think my memory is unique or better, but because I have what is called Hyperthymic temperament, quoting Wikipedia:

  • increased energy and productivity
  • short sleep patterns
  • vividness, activity extroversion
  • self-assurance, self-confidence
  • strong will
  • extreme talkativeness
  • tendency to repeat oneself
  • risk-taking/sensation-seeking
  • breaking social norms
  • very strong libido
  • love of attention
  • low threshold for boredom
  • generosity and tendency to overspend
  • emotion sensitivity
  • cheerfulness and joviality
  • unusual warmth
  • expansiveness
  • tirelessness
  • irrepressibility, irresistible, and infectious quality

Notice one thing

These two wikipedia.org pages are not even linked. Am I the first who made the connection, lol?

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperthymic_temperament
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperthymesia

Well that is because I made the connection first. One of the symptoms of Hyperthymesia is exceptional memory. Why do you think I am so happy and confident all the time? Great memory gives anyone a remarkable advantage in the job market and basically any facet of life.

Other retards

Look, I know there are otherwise mentally handicapped people and the term retard is degradatory. How do you fucking think I feel when people call me retard? Because they do.

Sometimes even in jest.

Shane Gillis says it best about neurodivergent people in his standup Beautiful Dogs, which I highly recommend. It is just words, sometimes, it is comedy. People without arguments will tell you, your valid and sound arguments are in fact all wrong, just because you called them a cunt. Sorry guys, I do not have time for this, I have bigger fish to fry.

I will say retard on this website

Not only because I identify as one, but mainly because I am tired of pretending words are an issue. One of my best friends and colleagues calls me cunt every single day, it is a badge of honor I wear proudly.

The bigger issue is that there are at least 5 separate genocides happening and someone cares about swear words. Give me 2 breaks and please unpark yours.

If I say something is retarded, I mean it is really really dumb. That is probably it. I use the word colloquially.

We are allowed to say fuck; so stop gatekeeping swear words I am so fucking done with that charade. Please, if you are sensitive, just leave this website, I am sorry I offended you, please, and thank you.

Thats retarded

You can say that about things, but you should not say that about people. If I ever say something is retarded, it means it needs improvement real real bad.

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