I want to make one thing crystal clear — I have all the help I need in my life. I am not asking for your donations.

I have:

  1. Plenty of sleep
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. My mom
  5. Psychiatrist, therapist on speedial and my mom has number.
  6. Meds, my mom watches me take it every day.
  7. I won’t tell you what I take, you might get the idea I got suddenly so creative because I did some combination of drugs. I am an addict, therefore I know I can’t tell you what I am taking. Sorry, this is a wontfix.
    • I live in a country with socialized healthcare, me, my mom or anyone else can call the ambulance any time and they will take me to the hospital. For free, insert Pikachu face here. But since I never ever want to end up in mental institution again, I created this website and the loop.
      • Now look back at 1.
        • I need some sleep, so no more writing today.
  8. TBA (This is the secret btw).
  9. My mom. She is my rock. As you can see on this list, I trust her the most. After my physical needs of water and food, she is the most important thing to me. She gave me life and my purpose.

Let’s help each other. I really could use an extra pair of hands.
My dongoals are huge and my purpose is clear.

I accept all kinds of help:

  • Moral, write me a nice email, I probably need it today
  • Financial, just kidding
  • Physical, I rather if you don’t touch me.

In return, I can help you with something.
The good old pre-industrial barter age.

How can I help?

I do not have any specially but I do have a particular set of skills — I am competent at:

  • WordPress and SEO, over 10 years of experience
  • Cat ownership
  • I vacuumed my room once already this year

I am not really an activist, but I would like to offer what I know how to do the best — SEO and WordPress.

How can I help?

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