I desperately crave it. These are my blogging beginnings and getting those first few readers hard will be hard. You read that right /s.


There is a very simple hack to get validation — validate others. Everyone. I believe every human has the capacity to do good things. The biggest, meanest haters can become the helpers.

If someone encouraged a certain amateur painter to pursue his passion this world would be wholly different.

How to get validation fast

If you have any social media, write the best post you can imagine. Try to validate others in it. It can be text, photo or video. Did you get some likes? Is it more than usual?

Validation is important. Get some by giving it. Then you can move on to bigger things. Who knows, you might even get on the cover of the newspaper for doing something great.

Something we need to do right now.
Anything is possible if you make people laugh.
Let’s all do it, the first one on the cover gets the beer from me!