I cry a lot. It is a good thing; to let your emotions take over you. Not every day at work, just from time to time. It is scientifically healthy and shows you are human.


I cr ery tm watching Wall-E. My boy is just trying to do a good job, he is so content with his garbage house on his garbage planet, and his one music clip and his pure heart and intentions made a MacBook fall in love with him.

Wall-e is a part of the for this blog, for sure. Almost every scene in that movie is well-crafted and carries emotion. That is why I consider it the best-animated movie that I have seen. And it is also a reason I remember it so well. Pure emotions.

There is a powerful message in that movie too, and it is not even that hidden. I bet you can find more than 1 if you look hard enough.

It has love, it has technology, fat humans, space travel, garbage, and a good message. Watch it if you haven’t!


Crying lets you on a small rollercoaster of emotions, releases endorphins, and clears your head.

I will never be ashamed to cry.

For me, my own ability to cry is proof I have emotions.

Emotions and memory

I can only retain as much information as the next guy. I do not remember everything that ever happened to me. I am able to avoid sensory overload if I focus on one task.

The problem is I have a weak focus muscle 🧠.

Part of the secret to remembering more is having the capacity to feel emotions. I will give you an example, ask a couple of people what they were doing on 9/11 happened.

The chances are (#citationsneeded), that at least some of them will have vivid memories of the day. Not exactly everything, but they will tell who they were with, or maybe what they were doing or where they were going.

The reason they remember is because the tragedy caused panic. Panic means adrenaline. The flight of fight response. For a brief moment, your own body pumps you with drugs.

The mix is adrenaline, endorphins, testosterone… your body decided to go all in. With all that, boom, for a brief moment your memory was better as well.

We can conclude that we remember trauma well. Pretty universally known shit, but I rather cleared that up. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it? But we also remember mundane stuff… and most importantly, happy stuff!

My secret to better memory

For me, everything causes emotion, because I am a little bitch. That is why I suspect my body is microdosing me with the good stuff or something. I just have a huge p… empathy?

I am Allocentric. Care about others, they will care about you. Action, reaction. It is all a circle. Start being a good person to everyone around you and the social media effect will take of the rest.