This page will eventually become the most important page of this whole website.

Loop is what we all experience, all the time. It is a process described best as being awake. Figuratively, from when you are born to your death you are stuck in a loop.

Just like me.

The loop is the most important concept discussed on this website. It is a system inspired by WordPress Loop invented by Ma.tt Mullenweg.

However, if I have to credit one programmer who truly made me fall in love with coding, it is Cybr. His virtually limitless patience and superior intellect allowed me to write to Q.

He is the co-author. My mom is as well. Fonty too. Every single person I met in my life led me to the discovery of the last answer in the universe.

Cybr is special though. He was the first to grasp wtf I was writing about on this blog. Thank you.

Coding as non-programmer

One of the firsst things I learned about programming is that it makes repetitive tasks easy. And I am lazy.

Do you see where I am going with this? No? Me neither.

My loop

This page is a WIP.

I learned the most about the concept of the loop from programming, more specifically from WordPress.

Over time the loop became one of the pillars of my happiness…
And my health.
I will try to explain.

WordPress loop

I do not code, but in life, I like to know how the things I use work.

The loop is one of the core principles of WordPress. I understand that the concept of loop in coding sounds obvious to many of my programming friends but stay with me.

The WordPress loop is arguably a special sauce that propelled it to be by far the biggest CMS on the planet.

The WordPress loop is simple. It is the first thing you learn when you go beyond the frontend.

You hook into it. That is what allowed for code snippets.
Code snippets became plugins… themes.
As they say, the rest is history.

I will finish the page soon-ish since very little on this website makes sense without explaining it first.

Meanwhile, I recommend reading the second thing I learned about programming.

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