Net Neutral

N is a very important letter for me, almost as crucial as R.
N stands for neutrality and this blog will always strive to be impartial and neutral.

I will never dismiss civilized discussion. Argue with me! I invite you to talk, whomever you might be. Send me an email if I ever seem misled or drink my own kool-aid too much.

Thank you.

In terms of D&D, I am what you call a true neutral. Would you believe me, if I told you I consider myself a completely neutral person? Like, I am average in every aspect.

Not in every every aspect, like I am white and tall. However, I do not have any special skills or education. I just have noble motives and I enjoy life. And I wrote Q!

I am not a god, not a judge, and not an executioner.
I do not write laws, I write rhymes in every language.
I am just having fun with words, and with friends.
Let me just write in peace and be pensive.
I am not a rapper. I am just a blogger.
And that is all I ever was and be.