Did you mean no?

I hate newsletters. My email inbox is not a place for garbage. I mean who would purposefully subscribe to all the newsletters they could find? And never read one of them?

This guy. 👈

I have 143,714 unread emails and counting.
Birch please, that is not even my final form!
I have another like… 50 aliases and to be frank…
I am kinda duckingly overwhelmed by email.

I want moar

White me a ducking email, seriously. I might even reply. I just love email so much it is impossible for me to reply to all of you but Lord knows I will try.

I have a problem

But what if I will ever want to read them? In the future? I rather keep them all, just to be sure. Needless to say, I will subscribe to 0 newsletters with email.

Please do not send me unsolicited emails.

Subscribe to newsletter

Currently, the only way to reliably track what is happening on the is by subscribing to RSS.

I am still about Google axing their RSS Reader. Luckily, there are plenty of great RSS readers. I use the built-in one in the Vivaldi browser.

The does not have any social media for now there is simply no need. Once you ding dongs share my writings enough I might make a Mastodon or whatever it is called.

Let’s stay in touch?

I don’t want to send mass emails, let’s get in touch the prehistoric way, use email.

Every good blog should have an RSS feed.
I like Vivaldi a lot, give it a try.
Or don’t. Firefox is also nice.

Social media

I might set up Mastodon once I get some readers.

Tags, todos, notes:
  • good enough page that will go through heavy adjustments once I figure out if I want to annoy people with a mass-vomit-email