This page is , and full disclosure, Vivaldi and The SEO Framework are business friends, and I am business friends with The SEO Framework… it is complicated. Vivaldi guys are using TSF for their multisite and home page for SEO, in turn hosting one of the largest WordPress blogging networks outside of… how cool is that? We never received any money from Vivaldi, not that we asked. They are using the free tier of TSF on their installs… and everyone can make a website for free, I believe you will end up with something like for free and another freebie is I believe? And most importantly, you get access to the amazing Vivaldi Sync. So anyway, we never ever had any cash transactions between each other, their people just liked our stuff and I absolutely adore their stuff and this is 100% genuine review of Vivaldi:

Vivaldi, the composer the browser of the century?

So anyway let’s address the composer; Antonio Vivaldi.
The dude happens to be my favorite classical bloke.

If you really think about it, Vivaldi is like Taylor Swift of the classical music.

The MacDonalds. The greatest hits, the Four Seasons hotels, and this breathtaking Concerto No. 1 in E Major performed by:

  1. The City of Prague Philharmonic Chamber Group
  2. Richard Hein
  3. The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
  4. Vlastimil Kobrie

And the browser, mama mia…

I ducking hate Swiss knives. Anyone who claims they are building one is either lying or doing it only to vertically integrate their garbage SaaS startup bullschiit, cough cough… SEO industry.

However, Vivaldi is truly a Swiss knife of web browsers. I will remain faithful to Firefox but I daily drive Vivaldi because that’s what she said and also because it is simply superior in every conceivable way to every other browser, period, and end of the discussion, thank you.

Great, 9/10.

Developers? The best. And a dedicated Linux guy. In this day and age! And you can like, talk to him on IRC! He is using Slackware so you know he is a neat type of guy and the builds are going to work on all distros.

Let$ talk Linux

Vivaldi works amazingly on Linux I genuinely have trouble putting my finger on it… by works on Linux, I mean it really works on Linux. Count with me:

  • Arch-aur-based, like Manjaro, Endeavour, Garuda, or my favorite CachyOS!
  • Debian-ish based, like my daily driver MX Linux.
  • Nix… I do not understand this thing, but it is maybe beautiful?
  • Gentoo, build your own, almost libre Vivaldi, open source-ish.
  • Oh… and of course Homebrew & Chocolatey, so Apple as well?
  • Fedora, Solus, Void, winget

Best distro for hopper?

I like my data kinda free. Like… portable. With Vivaldi, I can hop Linux untethered and it is a blessing. Firefox works just as well, just to be fair.

But the team behind Vivaldi really does care about Linux builds and it shows.


Do your own research. In my reviews, I try to highlight the most underrated yet most overpowered aspect of software.
For me, in Vivaldi it is portability.

Oh, and it is on Android and iOS as well.

If you need to know more, simply search for: “Vivaldi honest review” read a review or two, and maybe, decide to give it a go. For me it is my daily driver for… it must be over 4-5 years for sure.

There are many many more upsides, like the finally amazing theme architecture, the amazing RSS reader, the absolutely mind-blowingly good full-blown email client, it also has tiny details like QC code widget, or the amazing command palette and if you are into that stuff, also a pomodoro timer, it blocks ads, it respects your privacy, it has transparent policies, pretty cool CEO, it is a fairly sustainable business, they have good hiring practices, the community around Vivaldi is amazing, in fact, that is how I knew Vivaldi simply be my browser for a long long long long, long long long…

Also reliable sync, have I mentiened that. They also sync your complete history… and all of it is for free.

What is not to like.

I will be straight with you, this page will get like… a lot longer with time because I use Vivaldi so much it is figuratively my next home.