Social media

Sharing is caring. I try not to share my own work on social media, it is pretty embarrassing to do self-promo.

You have to have less shame and anxiety than me, and if that is part of your skillset, more power to you.

When I figured out everything and formulated my plan(?), I figured I would let people decide if they want to share my work with others…


I am currently avoiding social media, they are hurting my mental health. I jump on Reddit a couple of times a day. I have anxiety if I do not get a certain type of fix that only Reddit offers…

But besides that, I only do HN and Reddit. In order of the amount of time, I spend on each site.

My rule of thumb(?) is the second I get bored of HN and switch to Reddit, I shall not remain on Reddit longer than I was previously on HN.

HN is business news, and Reddit is everything news.

That is why I go to HN, business is currently more important than everything. It is not everything. But money is necessary.

Maybe I drop both of those later in life, but not now(?).

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