SERP is an acronym for:

Search Engine Results Page

SERP is what you see if you Google something or someone. If you want to dive into SERP, I recommend following Aleyda Solis. She forgot more about SEO I ever knew.

Aleyda maintains a beautiful & bountiful knowledge base about SEO terms such as SERP,

Let’s make SERP better together

For the last couple of years, Google has become terrible at fetching relevant results to your SERP. That is why I intend to write organic, genuine, and human content for these search prompts:

  • support
  • where are ssh keys arch
  • best ftp client linux

Sadly, this website is tiny and so is its reach. Please, help me.


Write amazing articles focused on the search terms mentioned above. Oh, you already did? Are you sure you poured hours in that piece, and it is cut above the rest?

Send me a link.