Do you have a gig for me?

I already have 2 enjoyable and fulfilling jobs. However, I am not rich and I am open to making some extra money for thought times ahead.


Per hour of my time.
The price depends on the size of your business.
I also offer my lance for free to sustainable businesses.
I’m looking forward to your email about a gig you have for me!

Why should I pay you?

I have over 10 years of intimate experience with SEO, notably in WordPress. I know a couple of hidden secrets.

I am the head neck of product at The SEO Framework — realistically I mostly do support, a bit of marketing and I try to come up with ideas for new extensions. The point I am trying to convey is, that I do a ton of WordPress SEO. So much so that I believe my extensive experience is easily worth 100€ per hour.

Thank you for considering me!