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I’ll be straight with you — I don’t read productivity books because they are all the same. Did you read one? Congrats, you read enough. Don’t get me wrong, productivity books are great…
but this is my page about productivity.

This blog is a productivity book. Except a living website is better in every conceivable way Except writing a website allows me to edit any page whenever I want so my productivity book is a never-ending chain of thoughts that will one day, hopefully, make complete sense to everyone.

When I started writing this book I was figuratively nobody. And I still am!

You know what else?

I’m relentless

Embrace being a 0. All the productivity books, including mine, cover the same problems and aspects of productivity from different angles. The core remains the same.

You will find these life pro tips in each and every one:

  1. Break old habits, form new; and slowly
  2. Learns to say no (in some shape or form)
  3. Some form of meditation or achieving mindfulness
  4. Defining clear goals and learning what is your purpose
  5. How to do all this, step by step


I don’t do rails of crystal meth every morning, but I’m an addict.
I stay productive using drugs, it is pretty obvious.
Don’t be like me.

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