This website will never be done. It is a perpetual work in progress. Pages that are especially rough, will be marked #wip.

This blog was made back in December 2022. I never got around to publishing one decent article or post for a year.

The real work started on December 2023 and it will be violently updated for at least 3 months — I want it ready for WordPress Vienna 2024 that is in April 2024.

It is 2024/01/13 and I am just shy of 200 published pages… as you can imagine, many of them are not that great.

They have ambition to be good, but they are a kind of a disappointment to me.

The plan is to write about stuff I enjoy on my blog.
Eventually, transfer some knowledge to these pages.

The pages will become good and people will read them, spend more time here, subscribe, invite me to talk at their conference, and offer me a job, the possibilities are endless.

You are a work in progress as well.

Quick WIP tips:

  • don’t let done be the enemy of progress
  • don’t be afraid
  • be curious, inquire

Always remember — motivation does not exist.