Good Question

Yes, I have thought about everything.
It is kind of my whole vibe.

I have been making this website for over 2 years.
It was sweaty. It was smelly. There were sleepless nights. There were high peaks; and also absolutely marinara trenches of depression.

But I kept writing.

I’m not even kidding here, I have actual calluses on my fingers from typing so damn much. Do you know for how long I am actually writing Only 2 months.

In those 2 months I wrote more lines of text than old me wrote in his entire life.

; I wrote so many pages on that I am pretty sure I wrote more in these last 2 months than in my whole entire life. If that makes sense.

I write a lot. I am getting better.

If I keep this up, becomming the best blogger is a neccessity, not a game of chance. I have the talent, I have the energy, I have the time and I have the dedication.

I will make this damn blog the best on this planet and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Because I put in more effort than anyone I know. That is how I know I am the best, I will be the best and I was, always, the best.

Veni, vidi, vici, rím s ypsilónom brácho.
Ide o to čo robíš, keď nikto Ťa nevidí.

Tasks, todos:

  • I am 36. That is how much experience I have being a blogger. That is how long this website has actual content.
    • I consider the official founding day of this website 2023/12/31 the last second of the 2023. It is an arbitrary date, it means nothing. It just holds sentimental value for me, because that was the day I got dangerously close to loosing my last fork.
      • You always need to give at least fork. It is better to give two forks, or even have a whole set of forks. I have plenty of floating forks; but that is a story for .

This website is trash

It definitively used to be that way. I gave it purpose. You have no idea how much stuff I wrote before I even figured out what TLD I wanted to use.

Even after I decided 100% on the domain name, it took me another 2 years of writing to write one decent page.

You gotta do it every day

If you read productivity books, or like music, or listen to NPR, or think Rodney Mullen is inspiring… or Tony Hawk or Messi, or Ronaldo, whoever you want… go and ask them, how they became the best. Ask the monkey from BoJack Horseman. Ask anyone.

They will all tell you, in their own words, that they did a huge amount of work. And you gotta do it every day. That is the hard part. Ask Arnold.

Ask Bill Burr. Ask anyone. You gotta do it every day. That is it. The talent? Sure. But you gotta practice. That is the whole secret to success, money, fame, prestige, and a life of luxury.

I am poor and I know it.
Ira says it the best:

Ira got only one thing wrong, and that is REST


At the moment of writing this page, I know it is kenough. I need some Rest… maybe I play myself some more music? For now, this page is done, and I am Ready for some Rest. And Strapo.

End of page

When I said I need rest, I meant it. I will finish this . It is my everything page, for how long you think I will keep it… not done?

These are some bits that were here before, will be deleted soon:

10×10=1×0, hehe.

Actual garbage bellow

Can you imagine how much stuff I drafted, deleted, drafted again only to delete everything.

But then one day, one of the many pages I wrote was kenough. And then another was kenough. And it kept getting better. And soon, this whole website was ok.

And after that…? I felt like I got it this time, I cracked it. And again, what I wrote was not kenough, it was not even enough. It was just ough.

But then I thought, wait a second, I am using WordPress in a very very clever way. Especially the way the rewrite system works.

And just like that… I solved how to never have 404 pages on my website ever again .

Understanding everything

Look, this page will be forever #wip. I can go on and on about this website. Of course I haven’t thought of everything. But I am pretty damn sure I thought about a lot of small things that escape the untrained eye.

More on that .

and how many times I suffered through this torturous cycle just to finally write something? And hit publish?

By the way, the link above leads to best blog I ever read. And that is coming from me. Zach, you helped me when I needed the most. And the design? No notes. You wrote the perfect blog post before me, kudos! I will try my best to out-hard-work you. No notes.

There were smells. There were tears. I recieved so much hate when I was just starting out, today.

I mulled over every single aspect of this website. For over 2 years. The contents of will change forever and it will never be

Every color, every highlight, every font, the spacing, the patterns of the WordPress theme, the SEO, the hosting, the social sharing, hacker news, hug of death, reddit, facebook, twitter x, you name it I thought about it and you you can trust me when I say, I thought about everything.

Well… maybe except for human1(s).


I thought about ergonomy; the design. About the speed, about the problems that lie ahead of me. About the hug of death. About I really really mulled this stuff over.

Yet, here we are, me, asking for your help. Again.

This page is part of the loop.

it is kinda my thing. That is why when you type there is probably a page about it. And if there is not, I am writing it right now, at this very moment. And if I am not writing it, I will be notified you visited and I will cover the subject.

If you really really want me to cover a subject, you can email me.


It is only by going through a huge amount of work you can get better at something. I decided to become a better writer, started this blog, and wrote 200 pages in 10 days.

Look, this page will obviously change.

Tags, todos:

#nonotes #kudos #ready?

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