The big P. Not to be mistaken with big PP; fairly important page as well. Let’s get serious for a second.

It took me the whole 36 years of my life to figure out what it was. And it was so obvious this whole time. I always wanted to help. Now let’s figure out yours.

Yes, you can find your purpose today

Once you figure it out, your life will change forever; for the better.

Dong Lover

What about you? What is your purpose? Mull it over, grasp it, define it, and write it down. You won’t put your finger on it today. But if you follow your gut, the purpose will manifest itself to you. If you have a faint idea what it could be, great! Start working towards it, set an SSMART goal, and put yourself on a deadline. You will only figure out your life’s purpose of your life by focusing on defining it.

Dongle purpose

In my case, I took longer to figure out how to do this than anybody I’ve ever met. It takes a while, it is going to take you a while; it is normal to take you a while… you just have to fight your way through that. Okay?

Now distil your purpose into one word. My word? Help. I want to help others who are doing meaningful work to realize their full potential. Helping others is why I was born.

Now that I know what is my purpose, let me put it in a sentence and filter out people unfit to receive my help:

I live to help all the good people.

Dong lover