This website is an SEO experiment . Since I am taking notes it technically counts as science. You can tag along if you want.

I take notes every day.

Indexing my brain

I am tired of having 100,000 bookmarks and 10,000 notes in Obsidian — it is time to sort through that stack and publish something.

Write every day.

If everything goes well, this blog will have regular readers by the end of the year.

I will keep writing until Google decides to rank some of my posts or pages in SERP.

This is an SEO experiment and it is not necessarily interesting, but you can tag along if you want.

Yet another productivity book?

Maybe? I am working on making this blog a powerhouse in SERP. I want to get some pages to top 5 results this year. But it might take 2 years, 3 years. Who knows.

That is why I am making this blog, I want to know.

I will write about my process and life in general. At first, I need as much organic content as possible. I will remove the low quality pages and gags once I get Google to index my website every day.

Then I will refine what I wrote, delete as much as I can and start writing regular blog posts about:

  1. How a marketing guy became sysadmin by mistake
  2. Linux! But also Microsoft and Apple.
  3. Hacker News will be mentioned a lot
  4. Free stuff, mainly software
  5. Deep dives into blogging and SEO
  6. Productivity, corporate life and consequently, depression
  7. Dumb Vegans, diet and bad excercise
  8. Dating after 30 as a nerd
  9. Programmers — I am not one, but I like them.
  10. Sustainability, ecology, trees and future

If you like how it sounds, follow me via RSS. I will add social media later, for now I doubt anyone even read this. If you did, yes you, write me an email, please! About anything, your pick.