Did you mean: lie?

I am an aspiring vegan vegetarian now. Tried a pure vegan diet for 2 years… TLDR it is doable. I’m not sure I entirely want to go back. Respectfully and funnily enough, the biggest problem I currently have with veganism is the self-proclaimed vegans — namely those who made veganism their whole identity.

People who absolutely ravage the limited resources of this planet and therefore sentence future animals to death. Hippocrites.

Path to Veganism

I met a nice guy on r/vegan, believe it or not. He was super kind to me and even though I said I’m just trying this diet, he was helpful, not bashful.

I aspire to be like that one guy from r/vegan.
One day. For now:

I was fully vegan for 2 years, my current overall score is 7/10. Morally pure.

Vegetarianism is for me still a bit higher at 8/10. Morally it is way worse.

I am still looking for a diet that is 10/10 and kills the least animals.


I really tried. So. Many. Vegan. Cheeses. In 95% of cases, the cheese is so bad, I actually think companies make it so terrible on purpose to push people back to cow titty juice again.

For me, vegan cheeses are just disgusting and overpriced. I am admittedly a dick for eating the milk of another animal.

Trying my best

I am still trying new brands of vegan cheese, feel free to suggest or send me a vegan cheese alternative that will stop my craving for cheese. Thank you.

But bacon

I love(d) bacon as well.
I haven’t had any in 4 years… do not miss it.
On my mom; I swear, I just do not miss it.
My doctor is happier with me as well!

Vegan vagabond ahoy

My life didn’t change much and just by not eating meat, there will be a tiny bit less demand and less fewer mass deaths.

Did you know we kill 80,000,000,000 animals every year for food? That is 80 billion, 10x more than humans. Every year.

I don’t think there is a way to talk people into veganism. They either find their own way, or we need to make veganism more attractive.

It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Being vegan is my goal, but not my purpose.

It is not just the food

I still take veganism seriously. I still feel like I am doing kenough to lessen the suffering of animals by engaging in other sustainable human behaviors.

I never flew a plane in my life. I might, but I never did. They give me Paranoia.

I upcycle, recycle; and donate clothes. I have 7 year old phone. Welp, now I have a brand new Nothing phone 1, but that is a story for .

I sit in front of my computer in a hoodie that has 20 years on the odometer. That should tell you everything about my financial situation and my commitment to sustainability. The hoodie that is disintegrating on me as we speak — I have photos of me in it as a teenager.

Cars… why do I have to love you?

I still drive a car. Way bigger issue compared to the couple of slices of cheese I eat.

See, I am forking apologizing for not doing enough while I am not the one contributing to the brunt of the pollution on this planet.
This is a class issue, not a diet issue.

This page is, and for a long time will be, a work in progress.
Veganism is simple, yet complicated.
It is my goal, but not my purpose.
Or is it? Who knows?

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