Sadly, I own one. I love driving it. I don’t know what it is. I am 💯 sure at least a few of you guys can relate. It is terminal. I simply have a need for speed. I also own Need for Speed 2.

I know I hate climate change, but god damn Nissan, how it is possible from all those supercars in the video, I want to spend the night with you? You know what they say, if you love it, put it on the Nürburgring ring. I love cars and it has nothing to do with transport.


I drive safely. My dad raised me right. He loved cars more than Doug. Maybe I got carried away, I am not a good enough driver for Skyline.


You know what I actually want? Nikolay Gryazin to let me drive shotgun with him on SS7. RBR style, but you know, I just want a playful gentle date where you laugh going at 50% and I shit my pants still. Nikolay, if you are reading this, I have an ego, I am fast, but holy fucking shit, who are you? God? I know that road, what in the everloving fuck was that stage by you in 2019?

If I die, I die.

It was never about the car, it was the skill the whole time.
Without further adieu, enjoy. Also, I was kidding, I would actually not drive with Gryazin in one car vehicle even if it was an autonomous bus. He is so good I do not understand it and it is scary… but in a good way! Talent!

On the road

In 2022 I drove alone 500km to Warsaw just for a date. Karma worked fast that day — the worst date of my life and the sundae on top? The girl left early to go shopping with her friends. I bet it was my fugly Hyundai. Definitely that, it is not my personality.

I used my spare time to visit the Copernicus Science Centre which focuses on practical, hands-on demonstrations of science. It was heaven and not only because it was full of naive 14-year-olds /jk.

Then I had to drive 500km back in a storm, got lost, and witnessed multiple accidents… To sum it up, it was a pretty great date.

Car guilt

I expected more for me, I should be taking the bus.
I don’t believe that ambition can be too big.
I should replace my car with bakfiet…
Yet, vozím sa rád odkedy mám vodíčááák.

My next car

There are cars I will never probably never own but always wanted.

If I ever get a new car, it will be electric. I know fully well electronic cars are not the solution to climate change.

Here is the thing. I am already dangerously close to being a woman, let me have this one thing for a bit more.

I would never want a hyperluxurious super comfortable sports car, like I don’t know, Lucid Air Sapphire. I would hate driving that blue sexy piece of shit, yuck. Or even worse, the lame, slow peasant version, the regular Air.

Hyundai works on affordable electronic car for India, I hope they will offer something like that in Czechia as well. They are recently allowing some bold design choices, I would say that Tucson and that other fully electric outrun vibe car is a clear sign they are open to new ideas. Invest, apes. This is not financial advice. Nintendo, send me Tourcan!

Honestly, all I need is a bike, but I want a car. Not just bikes.