Objectively, I don’t think my content is currently good enough to deserve your cash. However… If you want to donate to me, know that every cent will be spent meaningfully.

What do I mean by that?

I am beggin’

I am not rich, but I do not actively struggle. Yes, that is my bar for happiness. Believe me, if I needed the money I would beg.
I am not a proud person.


  • give me 1€ and send me a clear message you value my writing — so far I earned exactly $0 nothing as a blogger and a writer 🙁
  • give me 10€ congrats, you paid for the month of hosting of! You showed you value my work and your 10 bucks is all I need to keep my motivation at 💯 for a whole month.
  • give me 120€ and you will for my hosting needs for a year; I will move to a new Linux VPS and write a detailed tutorial about it for anyone to use it for free and maybe build their own WordPress site on their own crazy domain; all for free and everyone. Liberation of the information starts here.
  • give me 577€ and I will buy reMarkable 2 Book Follo in Polymer weave with a Marker Plus! That was a mouthful… This thing would allow me to take 10x better notes; and in turn; this site immensely more useful.
  • give me ±1 000€ and I will hopefully have enough to buy a new GPU for my PC. I can’t afford this stuff.
  • give me 10 000€ and I will help you solve any SEO problem with your sustainable business. In fact, I will help you with brand, marketing down to the last detail. We are talking strategy, step-by-step content, backlinks, and all the SEO jazz.
    I’ve done this for over 10 years, you will be in good hands.
  • give me 100 000€ and I will build a whole agency focused on promoting sustainable businesses. I do this for free anyway, but with your help, I can hire help and there can be two of us.
  • give me 1 000 000€ and I will quit my day job and work solely on solving problems concerning sustainable life on Earth. Sounds cheesy, but if we radically do not change our current society the collapse of society will come around 2100.
  • give me 10 000 000€ and maybe I can actually achieve what I wrote about above at some international scale.
  • give me 100 000 000€ and I will fix the world, just watch.
  • give me $1 000 000 000 and is yours to keep and I can finally get some well-deserved rap… I mean Rest.

The rest is up to you

If I had to pick one great org you can donate to instead of me, it would be Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. These guys and gals have one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

I am sitting in the comfort of my heated apartment. MSF members are driving to active war zones to help. That is what I call a worthy cause.

Alternatively, you can donate to your local food bank, animal shelter, or any charity that does work that resonates with you.

If you do donate to any good cause, shoot me an email. If you donate just a couple of bucks, I will try to match or double your donation if I can afford it.

Thank you!

Donate to free software

The only reason I was able to become a blogger is the thousands of pieces of free software I used to make this website. Please consider donating to these notable projects (in no particular order). I might or might not be using any of these apps.

  • Linux ecosystem:
    • HestiaCP – control panel for my Debian server.
    • CachyOS – fresh, blazing-fast, beautiful & daring arch-based Linux operating system.
    • LazPaint – alternative to Photoshop on Linux, sort of.
    • KDE – makers of the best desktop environment for Linux and I’m willing to die on this hill.
    • KeePassXC password manager.
  • Android ecosystem:
    • KeePass2Droid password manager.
    • X-plore insanely powerful file manager made by my fellow 🇸🇰 Slovak developer!
    • Aegis 2-step verification manager.
  • Microsoft ecosystem:
    • KeePass password manager, the OG.

This is going to be a huge list in the future. There is just so much amazing software. FOSS or otherwise. So many people walked so I could run. Thank you.

No money? No problem

Just be a good person, that’s more than enough for me, King 👑

Do you insist?

Ughhh fine, it would be foolish to turn down money. Mom would disown me. There is one simple way you can send me money; directly. Understand that by sending me any amount of money or other valuables you are entitled to nothing in return. With that in mind…

The cheapest, most secure, and most reliable way to donate to me is a bank transfer. It takes between one second to a couple of business days to clear and most banks do not have fees for this type of payment (no promises though).

Czech Koruna (CZK) account 🇨🇿 :
Account number: 2701920642 / 2010
IBAN: CZ32 2010 0000 0027 0192 0642
Euro (€) account 🇪🇺:
Account number: 2201920646 / 2010
IBAN: CZ92 2010 0000 0022 0192 0646

These bank accounts are not transparent…yet. I will try to make them transparent if I receive any donations. The money will probably be spent on food, hosting, and WordPress. If there is enough, I might cross off something from my wishlist.

You can also


I’d like to imagine that one day a rather large sum will land in one of my accounts — money that would allow me to become a blogger full-time; and fully focus on my purpose. It would be a good, fun problem to have… I know that the chances of that happening are slim… but never zero.

Thank you. How can I help?

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