I wish for world peace first and foremost. Does my wish help? Probably not. That is why I am taking action. I still like shiny things, I have that capitalist little 🐷.

Look, I hate consumerism, but I am still human. I love to have some shiny, new stuff. I mostly want things that will last for the rest of my life, ideally more.

Things I want, but do not necessarily need:

  1. CMF by Nothing Watch Pro (1,2) is not available in Czechia.
  2. Librem 14 for cool $1,370-$3,383. Dream laptop. I started to travel more lately, mainly for work. I will probably buy something more sensible, but man… I want this.
  3. Rapture RESPAWN 3XL (black) mousepad, the old one was destroyed by sheer fire I am writing over here. Bought this one.
  4. Glorious 3XL Extended (black) more expensive alternative to the mousepad above, I will decide which one to pick later.
  5. New Chair, something really good. Help me pick! The gamer inside of me wants the stupid €1.744 Embody gaming chair. I spend 12 hours a day sitting in front of the computer. This one thing I simply have to buy…by “this one” I mean a completely different chair that costs 20% and does 80% of the job.
  6. FairPhone 5 is going for €699. You guys if you send me one, I will use it until it breaks. And when it breaks, I will repair it. Ad nauseam. I will take all the photos on it and make sure people know it was made on FairPhone. Bought Nothing in the end, I can’t justify FairPhone… yet.
  7. Patagonia jacket and maybe a pair of socks. I like their values. Unfortunately, they do not retail In Czechia.
  8. Cargo bike. No joke, they cost more than a lightly used midrange car. Ridiculous, but understandable, given the value you get over the years. Bakfriets are not a thing in the Czech Republic and it is a disgrace. I want one, so I can try to ditch the car.
  9. Vali 3 from Schiit. I do not even know what it is, it just looks cool and I want that on my desk. That shallow.

If you want to buy me any of this stuff, don’t.
I am already rich.