Did you mean yes? This page is WIP.

It’s 2024/01/19 and today I learned to say no. I work full-time in retail, specifically at a gas station. Do you think my customers care about my day or my dreams?

No? Think again.

  • 70% of people care about me
  • 25% just was
  • 05% or less are dicks

Say yes first, no right after

The new me is a positive person. I wake up with a huge smile every single day. I have every intention of saying yes to people in the morning.

When 18:00 rolls around I am spent. Why? Because I said yes to people who didn’t deserve it.

It will take me a while to learn how to say no properly. It can’t be too harsh, it has to be constructive. If possible, I need to redirect the people towards other people and remove myself from the equation.

Saying no is hard

Sadly, it is nearly impossible for me to no to people who need help, because I’m alive to help.

With all that said, my guiding principle is 3x

I start my day with every intention to say yes.

Some people, just need to hear no first.