One day, I will delete this page, and it will become 404 forever. I hate a great deal of things, especially those I can’t change about myself or the world.

I welcome the haters. I think every hater is just a misdirected person of passion.

Haters can be helpers

  1. There was a TikTok of a girl crying asking WTF do DJs do
  2. DJs showed her what they do
  3. DJs created new music
  4. Therefore, thanks to the haters; we have a new song, yay!
  5. The song is liked by at least me
  6. Therefore, haters actually invite innovation
  7. With that in mind, I kinda want to have more haters
  8. Never mind, there is already kenough
  9. Should this list be, like 10 things?
  10. Loop

Anyway, here is the song I was talking about, pretty :

I used to be a hater

If you are a hater, good. Ask literally anyone who knew the old me about a singular quality that stood out — I was a forking hater. Now I am a creative hater.

I hack stuff.

I hack stuff really well.

That is what DJs actually do.

It is terminal :'(

I decided to become a helper. It is a long-term project. And it is terminal, just like ALS. Being a helper is being forever WIP as a character. It is temperament. It is moving with gusto, zest, and most importantly, verve.

I will try my best to help others. Will you? Help?

Haters mám u prdele

Celá republika ví, že mám se skvěle. This page is an honest attempt to turn my haters to my… lovers #nohomo? Friends, friends is enough; for now. Allow me to ask you one simple question:

“Why do you hate?”

ME, the humble and simple, the tiny tiny Dong Lover?

This page is forever kenough. Please, do not hate me. And if you must, hate me… constructively. Argue, look for a middle ground.

Thank you for trying, have a nice day.

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