💯th page

I am drafting this page at 21:31 CET, 2023/12/22, it is the 100th published page on this blog. It took me around 10 days.
I deleted 90% of my previous attempts and writing…
it was not good. Pretty bad even.

I am currently listening to:


Turns out my stuff is still pretty terrible. I did some serious rethinking today.

Now I am tired.

It is 01:44 CET, 2024/01/10, Earth time. I deleted a lot of pages today. I wonder how much I have to rewrite everything. The truth remains that the writing is still mediocre.

I rewrote fuck SEO motivation. These are my tight three. It still needs to get much better, but I think I finally got a solid grip on what I want to publish on this website

But is enough for today. State of this website as of now:

All (243) | Published (176) | Drafts (67) | Trash (82)

Time to sleep, see you later, me!