hi, I’m trying to become the first


This website will always be one big silly science experiment.
I started writing about everything all at once for fun and no profit.
There will be science; a dick joke or 2. I can no longer ignore politics.
Reduce, reuse, recycle & upcycle, no planes and conserve resources.
I’m poor in cash, rich in hapiness. Working in retail, minimum wage.
In what I used to call spare time I operate 2 businesses in Czechia.
I used to be vegan, currently substitarian. Are morals flexible?
I’m heavily invested in success of The SEO Framework.
I’m an enjoyer or Open Source, Linux and WordPress.
Federation of all (y)our content is the future.
This blog is currently fully self-funded,
full of artisan lies and independent.
Humanity needs peace — ASAP.
War, war always changes.
We will all 100% die.
Why not live?

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