I dabble in UX

Don.gl/e is the most important page on this website.
E stands for everything.
E stands for ergonomy.
Feel the dongle.
/E is for email.
Where are your eyes going next?
I already know.

Connecting people

Id like to think I am great at UX and UI. I meticulously crafted this website to feel completely natural to touch. Go ahead, just touch that sexy keyboard and search:

Many people skip to the next headline

Anyway, enough with this UX/UI tomfoolery. Do you think that there is something worth covering on this blog that would help humanity somehow? Or something I shouldn’t cover at all?

That thing can be big or small. Local charity? Animal Rescue? Huge science project that went under the radar somehow? Europe? USA? Africa? Whatever? Fun conspiracy theories? I am open to new experiences.

Since you are lazy and won’t email me anything cool, I also track the 404s and all the search queries on this website.

That is right, I am so lazy I automated content creation ideas. So I ask again, do you have something important in your mind that needs attention? Any topic you want. This is why I automate everything on this blog, I like writing and replying to good old-fashioned emails.

Bill Gates would’ve loved me.
My email address is:


The emails are privately and securely stored on vpsFree.cz (Β§).
I am aware this is going to become spam-fiesta soon, .
I can only guarantee a reply if you follow a couple of simple rules:

  1. I do not care about crypto or AI and I only reply to humans
  2. Make your email plain, honest, and short
  3. Do not track me, please
  4. Never ask me for:


I do not sell, buy, exchange, or otherwise engage in unnatural linking. I don’t want to disappoint our collective SEO dad John Mueller from the Google Search Team.

I backlink plenty, naturally.
If you want a backlink, write better stuff.
If you want a backlink, Send me one link.
Link me to your absolute best blog, article, video, photo… whatever.
Who knows, your work might even make it to the Hall of Fame.

Send off

This is my personal email.
I don’t subscribe to anything with it.
Please be personal, or I won’t reply.
It is that simple. Thank you!

There was never a meeting, that couldn’t have been an email.

Wayne Gretzky & Michael Scott
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