You can change the world from your bedroom. Different people use and need different tools to be productive, creative, or evil. I own a car and love it, but I know my car is part of the problem.

The thing about tools

Tools can be used for both good and evil. Just like my car.
I try to use it for good.
The car… its just stuff.

My tools help me with my purpose, they help me with my problems and they allow me to be effective, fast and happy.

The good part? You can use a lot of these tools for free! I am a cheap bastard and I only pay for things that are worth their weight in gold.

Expensive tools?

Here is a list of things I am using to create this website:

  1. Water and my 1400ml/38oz Nalgene water bottle I carry everywhere with me. I have a huge thirst for success, my body has just a huge thirst. Drink water, homie .
  2. Craziness
  3. Music
  4. Touch (Linux joke)
  5. My memory
  6. PC and phone
  7. Manjaro with KDE plasma
  8. SSH
  9. server
  10. Firefox & Vivaldi
  11. WordPress
  13. Quire
  14. Git
  15. HN

Tags, todos: