Real men do and feel whatever the fuck they want. I am an emotional vegan little bitch, I cry constantly, I am open about my mental issues and I am sure for millions of people I will always be a beta soy boy.


If you unironically call yourself alfa, chances are, you are beta. Second place is not that bad, champ.

You can become alpha anytime you want, just get in touch with your emotions, and examine why you feel the need to tell people how good you are. You aspire to be alpha, and that is a great thing!

You just need to close the gap between who you are now and who you want to become.


I want to become the best blogger on the planet. Sounds ambitious? It is one of my least grandiose ambitions. It will be a ton of work and chances are, I will fail. Again. Again. Again.


There is no secret. All of us who are talented people and the very best in our respective fields — we do a lot of work. We go through huge amounts of work while honing our discipline.


What motivated you the last time? What is the most inspirational person you met, the most inspirational video you saw?
How long that motivation lasted you?


Motivation is nice. Discipline is where it is at. I was able to get more disciplined in examining the habits of highly successful people, such as the most technically proficient drummer on the planet. Watch that video carefully.

I picked the “reaction” video on purpose because it is a good reaction video. An already skilled drummer is observing one of the GOATs. I looove when Colby does the O-face.


It is no coincidence I like cover songs. It takes a special kind of person to take a piece of popular song and add to it. Not just ride the groove and reuse the hook.

What makes El Estepario Siberiano unique is that he uses the hardest techniques but never adds tricks or technical elements that would saturate the song and over power it.

There is a reason marching bands exist. The drummer is a metronome and can unlock a whole band.