TLDR: This used to be “/r” page. Don.gl/R was a place where I wrote completely freeform, unshackled from any filters. I moved it to /CRAZY because how it sounds… human mind unbound does only make sense to the person experiencing it.

I might delete this later, but for now, I keep it as a reminder of what drugs do to the motherfunko-pop.

When I am tired, I go for a nice sleep or for a ride. I like cars. I have a car. I do not own it, but I use it. I feel bad about going on rides alone… not too eco. But I like it, I am drawn to it.

The car, the cart and the cat

One day my cat car might help me. Or kill me.

It is my buttmobile. I carry my butt in it.

Lazy… but I am lazy af.

Movement is the only sign of life. Ask a doctor.

We want to move, we do not know why.

It just is.

And when you move, you want to be safe.

Some go to the woods, and some on a joyride.


Would you rather prefer I go on a walk into the woods and fucking kill myself? I already did. Think on that.

Nobody heard me fall to the ground… nobody found my body. Yet, somehow, you know I am at this very moment dead.

You cant change it, by observing it… wow… or can you? I guess that is the q

”That changed my life as an artist. It was the most stirring thing that I’ve ever seen.”


There is nothing you can do to stop them.

And there is nobody that can stop me from looking at my desk, evaluating what is on it, picking the car keys, smelling them, touching them, evaluating them.

Right now.

But I already did.

I know exactly where my car keys are, and of course, I do not want to go on a ride or walk.

I want to write, for I am a blogger. Nothing else.

Broken lool

What you experienced is me losing focus. My loop broke and when that happens, som

I hate notifications bnw


I also like walking… everywhere. I am tired of walking so much today, that is why I am thinking about taking a car.

And I might, and probably will and it won’t kill me. Or you. I already made sure. When? Yesterday? Now.

Does reality exist, and if so, can anyone measure it?

recipe, receit, recioe… what is thjew word? Recipe for success? Bad news chump, there is none. Ask anyone you know, and they will tell you.

Just be careful what you ask for.

Playing association for too long will always get you killed. Always. or… neveR?