There are so many! Everything is blinking at me! Everything needs charging constantly! Me included.

Notifications drain me. Most of my life… That is why now I am almost always in DND mode.
I only check notifications when I feel like it.
And thanks to my wobbly focus, that is still too often.

Audio is the most annoying type of notification. I get it.


Attention is a limited resource, I never met anyone who has less of it than me. That is why I hate notifications.

The Problem

Well, as I said, they are annoying. I have no clue how to solve this. My current hack is to just be in DND when I want to focus. It works for me. And that is also a solution.

Would that work for you? DND mode? I do not know. You can try it. It is great if you can, but some people can’t and should be rewarded for constantly paying attention to all the beeps and flashing lights.

So for me, notifications are a problem. Please no.

Important notifications

I think the most important thing for me is to always pick up a phone. Not like… in a procrastination way.

The person that I pick up the phone with the most is my mom. When she calls me, I come running. I am her son.

I try to catch calls from my friends and acquaintances. I try to never pick up calls from unknown numbers.

I want my contact list on my phone to be succinct and have every number it needs. I might have deleted yours. Logical, if you think about it.

I digressed.


Notifications are part of the reason I can’t focus. Therefore, I tried to implicitly(?) tried to minimize their impact on my life.

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