I failed more things in my life than anyone I know. It is ok to fail. You probably failed a couple of times as well. The most important thing you can do right now is to think about why.

  • I failed math in school, I am still salty about it… just like Einstein, so I am no the right track.
  • I failed as a Marketing Manager of AVONET. But I learned a lot about ISPs and office culture. Looking back, I still owe them, because I didn’t give them enough for my salary.
  • I failed a fintech startup expansion into the Czech Republic, turns out, I am really bad at math. Walutomat is a great service and I fucked it up. There is no way to sugar coat this, the expansion failed and the company lost over a million dollars because try put their trust in me. I still owe them some work. It is one of my biggest regrets and I am truly sorry, Currency One. I can help you with SEO, if you ever find this page, I could offer you 40 hours of unpaid work and you should consider the offer. Maybe then you come up in Google when people search for “online currency exchange in Poland“, you should hire SEO guy. I just happen to know around 1000 of them, I can give you tips.
  • I failed to get a job at CDN77, I landed an interview but failed a simple math question during an interview. I am still salty that they never replied to my post-interview email. I only asked what should I do better and they just ignored me. It stinks to be treated like sub-human and it is a perfect example of why I hate HR. Lady, it was one email, it would take you 1 minute. Do better.
  • I failed to make more popular. Charles is an amazing programmer, super smart and the kindest French person I know. I hope I get to work with him again.
  • I failed to make more popular. Made by two guys using Microsoft tooling. I was an administrator there, but they took my privileges due to inactivity. I get it, but I would not mind them back, I think I added a lot of value and worked a lot for free sifting through submissions and editing content.

Feels good to write it all down.

In progress

Currently failing as The SEO Framework guy. I have a complete freedom in marketing, product, features, everything.

Yet, in 7 years I am tagging along Sybre, I did almost nothing… We have a lot pre-prepared on the marketing side, maybe 2024 will be our year.

I will never gonna give you up, Sybre. You saw “it” in me, it just took me a while to see it myself. I will forever be thankful to you for giving me the chance. You are arguably the best PHP programmer on the planet and once I help you make TSF a bag, we can move on to bigger things.

We can fight disinformation. We can achieve peace. We can win awards. The sky is the limit.

But for now, we are going to fix SEO. Small, reachable, definable tasks that can be executed perfectly and quickly. We should also fix whole of Google while we are at it and help people discover information better. That is the purpose of The SEO Framework. Write that down.

That is our job man. We are in the business of spreading legs the information, how cool is that?

You are the GOAT.

We should do the end-of-the-year discord call like last year, but you know, this time a bit less crazy. Who knows, maybe even write a blog post? Call me.

Forgotten failures

Have I forgotten about any of my juicy failures? Have I failed you? Can I remedy that somehow? Write me an email, we can work on the problem.

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