My friend Delik once said: “Come to us with it and we can solve it”. I am glad you don’t speak Slovak because almost everything around that sentence has issues in the song below.

That is how my brain works — I remember things because I had a fucking problem with them. The biggest issue of this song is its existence. It’s sexist, degradatory, and overall just lame.

Take a listen (not necessary tho):

I still love and listen faithfully to some of these guys. They grew out of that phase. Majk especially. Having a child changes a guy. I am 100% sure at least 2 of these singers are not super proud about making this particular song.


It was done. Released to the world. Nothing can be done about it. Those boys moved on. Maybe they even knew the song was going to be a hot pile of garbage while making it, maybe some obligation, or I am just overthinking it.

Identify problems

This piece of shit song was stuck in my head for 10 years. I had a problem with it. I was simply lacking the tools to identify what is pissing me off about this particular song so much.

Now I have the tools.

Address the problem

There is no way to sugarcoat it, the song is bad because it is sexist. That in itself is nothing special in hip-hop.

My real issue was that I knew these guys were able to produce thoughtful, inspiring music. Music that will make you think. Music that will make you dance and the girl next to you as well.

And they could easily do it without being sexist little piggies.

Finally, I got it out of my chest. Feels good. That is all I had to, vent. Once I started making, and hopped onto the loop, I finally, after all this time identified the problem, I haven’t really solved it because how can you solve a done song and I am ready to move on.


Ok, I will continue later… WIP.