Hard-to-swallow pills 💊

This page is a WIP and part of an SEO experiment. Neberte nic co je tady napsáno vážně.

  • People you trust the most and who love you the most can still instill pain. I am trying to shape don.gl/e into a great free resource about life.
  • For me to succeed, I need brutal honesty. But there is a way to be critical without being toxic. It is a skill, and funnily enough, I deserve every bit of seemingly toxic honesty. I used to be a dickhead that was exactly the person now I am complaining about.


It is funny that I can’t use don.gl/e/💊 url. WordPress sanitizes the input. I think this is what Sybre was gushing about like 5 years ago, that there is a security issue with Emojis.

However… don.gl/🐐 works. There is a a bug or even potential exploit here somewhere,