This blog has 0 readers. I am just starting out here. The budget for this blog is $30 bucks(!) for the domain and less than $10 for hosting a year.

I know I might experience a hug of death sooner or later. I believe it will be a fun problem to have. I wonder what sysadmins from will think of my brilliant & holistic approach to website security and DDoS attacks.

I do not want to be fired by my hosting company… or do I?

Is grammar an important SEO ranking factor?

I ❤️ that every SEO tool on the planet will tell you that you have to have proper grammar to rank. It does sound extremely plausible… or does it?

Just joshin’ Grammarly, give me deep fried discount pretty please maybe?

Dong Lover

When was the last time anyone measured grammar in SEO? Remember, this website is an SEO experiment.

I haven’t read any recent studies on broken English and SEO. Does such a study exist? If so, would you be a sweetheart and send it to me, please?

For now, my grammar is as good as Grammarly’s free grammar tool.


English is practically the Lingua Franca. Sorry France. I am writing this whole website for people with broken English. People like me. We will see if that will be detrimental to my SERP rankings.


I know this is lazy as well. I do not know how to do multiple things at once — I can be terrible at grammar and call it a science, too. Do you know why? I take notes.

This page is WIP and will be greatly expanded when the grammar starts to matter for this website.

Thank you for understanding!