Activism without consequences is like sex without consequences and with a condom. Still awesome.

Active dongle

I engage in activism.
I reserve the right to write this page later.

There are an awful lot of negative things in this world that people are trying to fix — and I want to help in any way I can. I won’t glue myself to a road, though.

There are people who walk the walk and do the work and never went to your TED talk because all you do is fork.


They make the signs and stand in the cold in rain. They often recognize when &where their government is failing them. They are damn heroes to me.

They get pepper sprayed by the police.
They face media bias…
That’s activism with consequences.


I am a wus, I won’t do any of that. But I can offer help to the heroes mentioned above. Email me if you need help with a website or SEO.

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