Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything (ToE) is my ever-evolving all-encompassing belief system. My Philosophy, Ideology, Practice and Order. Life is a game and you would be a fool not to cheat.

This is personal

One of these days I will restructure this page to be more about You… but not today. I will hit 40 in a couple of years and I seriously started thinking about what type of world I will leave behind me. What will be my legacy?


And so will be yours. At least if you choose to believe one of the scientifically plausible epilogues to The Universe. I currently believe in the Big Slurp, mainly because it would be beautifully painless.

The False Vacuum decay is part of the Quantum Field Theory.

I don’t blame you if you don’t want to read about physics or math. Until recently I used to hate math. Now I found my own quirky way to appreciate the laws of nature.

theory of Life

mainly for myself as a mental crutch.

Everything we do in life matters. Every. Single. Thing.

Wether good or bad, idiotic or allocentric

What type of clothes do you wear? What is the color?

what brand of phone you are using, the car you are driving or what type of vacation you enjoy?

Everything you do says

It is 2024/02/19 13:37 and with the greatest pleasure I’m announcing to the World I solved everything. All at once. I spent 36 years drafting this page, it is my Magnum 0pus. Welcome to the Theory of Everything.

What is even Everything?

Ask a father or mother what is their everything, ask a priest what is his everything, ask me and I will always direct you to this page. My theory unifies all the known theories known to humankind.

This is an ever-evolving page that will never be static. As I learn about new concepts, revisit my teenage years and my failures in school, and talk about love, religion, wars, and yes, jokes.

Welcome to:

Unified Theory of Everything

Let us start with a lie. Quantum one.