I get tired, literally just like everyone else. I think when Tesla was reinventing electricity dude also had a sleepless night or two. I am not saying I am doing something more important.

I am saying that even with seemingly superhuman abilities, you are still restrained to the rules of this universe.

How can I go at this pace? El Estepario Siberiano said it the best — there is no motivation. There is only discipline and determination. You sometimes have to work when you are tired.

That is a lesson I experienced shown by many people in my life, but one of the most notable people who was able to work on the biggest variety of tasks when tired is Yemi.

Becoming the best

I want to be the best blogger on the planet. That is a lofty goal and everyone is ahead of me. Yet… I think I can do it.

I am determined and I have the discipline. That is how El Estepario Siberiano became the best drummer on the planet. Sheer practice and ability to do something you love even when you are tired.

There is no motivation. And that is the opinion of the guy below:

Sounds crazy? I mean both that cover and what I am writing. I was told you have to be a little crazy to achieve greatness.