Did you mean: sus?

I’m using /s to signal sarcasm on this blog.
Not because I do not believe you can’t detect it.
I do not believe written text can’t convey it reliably.
That is it.

Reddit sarcasm /s

Every single day people miss absolutely obvious sarcastic remarks on Reddit — I am sure the same will happen on this website.

That is why I have to use the Sarcasm switch on this website. I will use this switch to clearly indicate on this website when I am being sarcastic just to make sure I do not ruffle some feathers.

The sarcasm switch was born on Reddit; for a good reason. Users there are using sarcasm all the time, but rarely mark it with /s and it often leads to unnecessary hate and pointless discussion.

That is why I will try to use it on this site properly and always mark sarcasm — just so we are clear.

If you ask me what was the best thing Reddit ever did,
it was normalizing the sarcasm switch, aka /s.

It might sound dull or obvious, but 80% of the arguments on Reddit wouldn’t exist if people were able to tell apart serious opinions and sarcasm.

SEO experiment /s

This page is part of an SEO Experiment. For more info on sarcasm switch, read the article over at linguaholic.com. Now for some internal links:

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