Pierre LeBaux

My main and very public online pseudonym is Pierre LeBaux. Completely made up. I needed a unique, somehow cool 6-letter username that can be registered on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other websites. LeBaux was free.

Do not lie to me, you tried to come up with a unique username without special characters and numbers yourself. Maybe.

According to gmail I made lebaux on Sat, Dec 8, 2007. Turns out this little white lie would quite literally shape my life going forward.


So my fake internet name is Pierre LeBaux. I try to leave everything I post as this guy open and googleable. That way I stay true to my opinions; while also building a tiny firewall around my real identity.

Real me

This blog is as real as it gets, son. My name might be fake, but my blog posts are (pretty scary and very much real) truth bombs. It takes 10 minutes to doxx me. Please do not do it.

If this blog gets any traction, people will find out my real name, therefore, it is a ripe time to:

Drop the mask

I will be real with you — I think I got a couple of job offers because people thought I was French. Whole adult jobs even. Fun times.

I was born in eastern Europe and have a Hungarian surname — trust me, pretending I am French was massive upgrade.

Here is the thing:

  1. I hate my name
  2. I hate my name because it belonged to my biological dad
  3. I said it thrice because I hate my name

I also hate my pseudonym, Pierre LeBaux because:

  1. LeBaux is bastardizing the French language
  2. People were kinda mean to LeBaux
  3. Lately, I have grown to dislike letter X for some reason
  4. When I tried to say “My name Is Pierre LeBaux, people wrote:

Pierre LaBeouf

That is how fluent I am in French.
If you think what you read so far was crazy…
Boyyy I got a desert for you.
Let’s talk about Shia LaBeouf 🍰

Dongle was born

Huge Don.gl/e is my new Internet identity. I outlined the reasons why I picked https://don.gl as my URL.

I will keep LeBaux alive for practicality. However going forward, I will register new accounts all over the internet as Huge Dongle. That way, people might to actually write it down correctly.

Pierre LeBaux