If my math is correct, anything we can imagine is possible. Yes, that is right, even Dyson Sphere. Given the right materials and time, everything a human can imagine is possible.

Imagine deviding by 0, like a fool.

I imagined a better world, without wars, with good healthcare and universal income. Place, where we can all thrive and pursue our dreams.

We also have to do hard work — every janitor, medical assistant, doctor, lawyer, politician, policeman, literally any worker should be respected and fairly compensated.

Co chceš, můžeš.

I am acting on impulse, laser-focused on my purpose. I have goals, I have dreams, I cry, I dance and I sing. Life is a rollercoaster, so take your pick from the bonbonniere.

Do you know why it is called bonbonniere? It means something so good, it is good twice. Bon Bon. You gotta love the freaking French for this gift to humanity.

Who the fuck is chopping annyons again?!
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