This website was backed up. For the sake of security, I cannot tell you in which manner I ensured the data on this website will be forever free and accessible.

This website is backed up

Like seriously, you thought I thought of everything, but not backups? Get real. I am a sysadmin. A bad one. But I know the importance of immutable, restorable backups.

This website is:

  • on the Internet, with capital I.
  • on ≈ click here to see sexy singles in your area
  • in the cloud
  • off the cloud
  • on a flash drive
  • elsewhere
  • hosted somewhere else
  • in the future, there might be a backup hosting
  • packed into one neat zip and sent to multiple people regularly
  • some of them do not even know they have the link
  • and of course, I added salt to my backups
  • and a couple of bits of lies
  • Basically 0 trust, but backwards
  • with more salt
  • enjoy combing through this
  • this website can be deleted but not the idea
  • I made sure

For scientific purposes, of course.
The purpose of my multiple federalized backups is science.
Nothing else matters. I am free of hardware.
The idea is soft. Libre software.
Id software. Loop.

Tags, todos:

#pub #wip #exp